Friday, September 28, 2012

Thengai kozhukatai

Happy vinayagar chathurthi
  I pray to god to grant everyone’s wish. Today is said to be lord ganesha’s birthday.

    Happy birthday ganeshji
  For his special day , we make kozukatai to offer him. There are many varieties of kozukattai. In our home we makes coconut porana kozukatai. It will be healthy snack. The  recipe follows
Requirements :
Raw rice – 1 cup
Jaggery – 250 g
Grated coconut – ¼ cup
Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp
Gingelly oil – 2 tsp
Salt as required
Water as required

Method :
  Soak raw rice for about four hours and drain completely.
Grind in the mixie and sieve to get fine rice flour.
Coarse rice granules can be used to make modak.
For a cup of rice flour , a cup of water is required.
Heat the required water along with salt and oil.
When the water boils lower the flame,  sprinkle the flour and keep on stirring to avoid lump formation.
Stir continuously for about fifteen minutes till the dough won’t stick to fingers when touched.
Allow to cool by covering with wet cloth.
Filling :
Mix the jaggery with half cup of water and bring to boil.
Add grated coconut and cardamom powder and mix well till thickens.
Make this in to small balls after it cools.
Make the dough into small circles and stuff the jaggery balls and make in to dome shape.
Cook in the steam for about ten minutes.
Kozukattai is ready to serve to lord ganesha.
Note :
Moulds are available in markets for making kozukattai.
 Can make with different stuffings.
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