Monday, October 30, 2017

Koat Pitha - Banana Fritters with Rice Flour

 For this month's SSShhhh secretly cooking , I was paired with Priya Iyer of the photowali. The theme was cooking from Indian states and this month's state was Arunachal Pradesh . She gave me Brown sugar and banana. I decided to make this sweet tea time snack. It was a common snack in  North East of India especially in Arunachal Pradesh , Mizoram , Assam , Nagaland and  Tirupura. It was a common recipe in all these regions.

It is easy to prepare with three main ingredients and is similar to the Kachayam recipe of our kongu region. 

Requirements : 

3 banana
1/2 cup rice flour 
1/2 cup brown sugar / Jaggery
Oil for frying 

In a bowl , mash the banana and add the rice flour and brown sugar. Mix well ,sprinkle water if needed to make a thick batter.

Heat oil in a kadai , pour a spoonful of batter to the hot oil and cook in a medium flame.

Take off the pitha from oil when it becomes golden brown.

Serve koat Pithas as tea time snack along with Masala chai/ Spiced tea.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gurur Sandesh #HappyDiwali

                                  Happy Diwali 2017........

 For this diwali we made this milk based sweet for Akshara as she liked storebought peda , we want to make one for her in home. This was a simple and easy recipe.

Requirements :

Whole fat milk 2 lit
Lemon Juice 4 tbs
Palm Sugar 1 cup
Corn flour 2 tbs
Cardamon powder 1/2  tsp

Method :

Making of Chenna :

Roll boil the milk in a thick bottomed pan.
Add in the lemon juice and stir for five to ten minutes .Milk will start curdling.....
Drain the whole content into the muslin cloth. Milk solids will stay on the cloth and the whey water will drain down.

Wash the milk solids in water and hang for half a day to drain the water completely. g of

Making of Sandesh :

In a bowl add the milk solid / chenna and knead for few minutes with the knukles of your hand. This will make the chenna smooth and soft from its grainy texture.

Add in the corn flour and knead again.

To this add the Palm sugar and cardamon powder , knead again.

In a thick bottom pan , add the chenna and stir for ten minutes in a slow flame. The whole content firt starts to melt a little and solidifies later.

Take off from flame and let it cool.
Make desired shape or use sandesh mould.

I made as round balls and flattened little and used tooth pick to make lines on top.

Nuts can be used to decorate on top.

Referigerate before serving.....

Gurur Sandesh is ready to serve........