Friday, April 26, 2019

Stand Strong - Ramayana -Game of Life

 Stand Strong is the fourth book in the Ramayana - The Game of Life series by Shubha Vilas . 

                            S T A N D 
                        S T R O N G
                    Keeping Faith and Conquering Fear

   A modern retelling of the Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki's epic , it reminds us through the tragic story of brothers Vali and Sugriva that life is like a dangerous treasure hunt. One must be resilient while running through confusing , Zigzagging paths to acquire essential wisdom.

The Ramayana is not a story . It is a way of life. It is THE GAME OF LIFE.

     The book begins with Sugriva thinks of silent surrender to Vali as Vali was approaching to the Sugriva's abode. There came Hanuman and remembered Sugriva that the Rishimukh mountain was safe and Vali would be fear of the curse from Matanga Rishi......

   Vali found that he should not land on the ground , instead on the head of his brother Sugriva, to avoid the curse. Vali landed on the head of Sugriva repeatedly , no one could do anything to stop him.

   Next day , Hanuman holded Vali in the air pulled him to touch the ground. Vali begged Hanuman to leave him. Hanuman let him go and warned him never think of hurting his master Sugriva.

  The divine brothers , Rama and Lakshmana were served fruits by Shabari in her hermitage. After they left the hermitage , on seeing the Pampa Lake the three things in them stirred Rama's memories of Sita. The Lotus remined him of her face , the black tulip reminded Him of Her eyes and the fish reminded him of her side glances.  The comparison was so beautifully narrated.