Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bombay chutney / Besan flour kurma

 I don’t know why this kurma is called as Bombay chutney. It is a excellent side dish for idli and dosa.

  This dish comes to rescue when we don't have any veggies to make the side dish for breakfast. It is a dish which can be made in a hurry.
 I like this kurma with idli and dosa most. Some are serving it with poori also , i didn't tried that combo yet.

 It is simple and easy to make with few ingredients.

Requirements :

Besan flour – ¼ cup

Onion – 1

Green chilly – 2 -3

Curry leave – a sprig

Tomato - 1

Oil – 1 tsp

Mustard seeds – ¼ tsp

Asafetida – a pinch

Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp

Salt as Required


Method :

Mix the besan flour with two and half cup of water without lumps.

Heat oil in a pan, add the asafoetida and mustard seeds. Let it crackle.

Add the chopped shallots and sauté till translucent.

Add the slit green chillies and curry leaves, sauté for a minute.

Add the chopped tomato and sauté till fully mashed.

 Add the besan mixture and the turmeric powder and mix well.

Add the required salt and let it boil.

The gravy will thickens.

Bombay chutney is ready to serve.

Serve with idli and dosa.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Karaishutir kachuri With Alur Dum / Green Peas Kachori with Dum Aloo

  This was the 5th challenge of the SNC .


 Sanoli Gosh  of north team , posed this challenge of Matar kachori and dam aloo to the the south team. To know more about the challenge and group ,visit divya's space  click here.

  I had made a kachori with peas filling, check here. In that I used the peas as whole.

 In this recipe it was the grounded peas is stuffed inside the dough and deep fried , which is served with the spicy dum aloo. This spicy gravy goes well  with the sweet taste of kachoris from the green peas.

 This green peas kachori is a Bengali delicacy , served specially for the breakfast or dinner. I made it for evening , we finished off in the evening itself.

I replaced maida fully with the whole wheat flour to make these kachoris.

Bengalis make these during winter season, as green peas is available abundantly then. We can make with the dried green peas also.

 The recipe may seems long and difficult , but   it was so easy to make with minimal preparations.


Green Peas Kachori – Bengali Recipe

This kachori is made with the grounded green peas stuffed In the dough and deep fried in hot oil.

Requirements :

For dough :

Whole wheat flour / Maida – 2 cup

Oil – 2 tbs

Salt to taste

Water as required

For the filling :

Green peas – 2 cup

Ginger – 1’’

Sugar – 1 tsp

Hing/ Asafoetida – ¼ tsp

Cumin powder – 1 tsp

Oil / ghee – 4 tbs

Green chilly – 2 - 3

Grated Ginger  – 1 tsp

Salt as required

Method :

Making of Dough :

 Mix the flour , salt and oil together.

Knead it well by adding the required water and make a soft dough. About half the quantity of water is needed. Say for two cup of flour 1 cup of water is needed.

Cover the dough and let it rest.

For filling :

Grind the green peas and  green chilli to a coarse paste.

Melt the butter , add the hing.

Now add the grounded green peas paste. Stir well in medium flame. There will be a nice aroma of the green peas.

Add the grated ginger and mix well.

Add the cumin powder , sugar and salt , mix well.

Keep stiring till all the water content is evaporated.

Let it cool and make into small balls.

Filling for the kachoris is ready.

Some will add freshly roasted and grounded red chilly and cumin powder as well as aniseed power. These will act as flavouring and spicy agents.

Making kachoris :

Take the dough and shape into small round balls.

Press a ball with the rolling pin to a circle of 3’’ diameter.

Place a ball of the filling and cover on all sides. Seal the edges well to avoid leaking of the filling.

Press again with the rolling pin to 5’’ diameter .

Deep fry the prepared kachori in hot oil.

 Fry till golden brown on both sides.


Another Method – Pressing with hand

Take a dough ball , place it in the left palm and press it with the right hand fingers and flatten.

Place the filling in the center.

 Cover all the sides.

Flatten again with the fingers carefully.

Deep fry the kachori in hot oil.

Repeat the same with the remaining dough and filling.

Green peas kachoris is ready.

This has a sweet taste; I liked it without any sides.

 Dum Aloo - Spicy Potato Gravy

I had already posted kashmiri dum aloo . I like this gravy with roti and pulov. I usually use the baby potatoes in making this gravy.

 This Bengali version uses hing while tempering.

Requirements :

Baby potatoes – ½ kg

Asafetida – ¼ tsp

Cumin seeds – ½ tsp

Fennel seeds – ½ tsp

Handful of Green peas

Bay Leaf – 1

Green chilli – 3 – 4

Tomato – 1

Turmeric powder – ½ tsp

Cumin powder – ½ tsp

Grated ginger – 1 tsp

Coriander powder – 1 tsp

Chilli powder – 1 tsp

Sugar – ½ tsp

Garam masala – ½ tsp

Chopped coriander leaves

Curd – 1 cup

Oil – 2 tbs

Salt as required

Method :

Wash and cook the baby potatoes.

Remove the skin and keep aside.

Heat a spoon of oil , add the potatoes and sauté till golden brown. Keep aside.

Add the remaining oil in the same pan.

Add the asafoetida, cumin seeds and fennel seeds. Let it crackle. Add the bay leaf and sauté.

Add the chopped tomato , grated ginger and slit green chilies  Sauté well till the tomatoes are mashed well.

Add the green peas and sauté for a minute or till oil separates on top.

Now , add the chilly powder , coriander powder , garam masala ,turmeric powder and cumin powder . Saute for a minute till raw smell leaves.

Add the sugar and required salt, mix well.

Add the curd and mix well. Add half cup of water and allow to boil.

Add the sauted potatoes and cook on medium flame for five minutes.

Add the chopped coriander leaves and mix well.

Dum aloo is ready to serve.

Serving :

Serve the hot kachoris with the spicy dum aloo.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Gongura Spice Powder

 Gongura / Pulichaikeerai is the green which has the the sour taste, so it is called by the name pulichaikeerai in Tamil. It is small plant whose leaves are used in cooking. It is used in India only. It is called as gongura in telugu.

We make masiyal with these greens usually.  I want to make a spice powder with it. It was with a sour taste which is best with rice.

 Requirements :

Gongura leaves – a handful

Cumin – ¼ tsp

Pepper corns – 4

Dry chilly – 2

Channa Dhal – 2 tbs

Urad Dhal – 1 tbs

Oil – 1 tsp

Salt as required

Method :

 Wash the gongura and pat dry.

Heat a pan , dry roast the leaves till all the moisture are evaporated.

Heat another pan , add the oil followed by cumin , pepper corns , dry chilli , channa dhal and urad dhal . Roast well.

Add the roasted gongura leaves and sauté till crisp.

Let it cool.

Add the required salt and grind into a fine powder.

Gongura spice powder is ready to serve.

Serve with steamed rice along with ghee.

Homemade Spices :Store To Bowl
Esho-Bosho-Aahare : 20th Feb-20th Apr

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Croissants with coconut Filling


 I made these with the leftover dough which I have refrigerated after making classic croissants. I tried a sweet coconut stuffing which were the same used in making kozukatai / modak.

 check out my post on classic croissants

  I additionally added the tutti frutti to make it colourful and crunchy while eating.


Laminated croissant dough 

For filling:

Grated coconut – 1 cup

Brown sugar – ½ cup

Water – ¼ cup

Tutti frutti – 4 tbs

For milk wash :

Cold milk -  ¼ cup

Sugar – 2 tbs

Method :

For filling :

Mix the brown sugar and water together and bring to boil.

When the syrup thickens, add the grated coconut and mix well.

Stir well , till all the water is evaporated.

Let it cool.

Add the tutti frutti and mix well.

Shaping of croissants :

Roll the laminated dough into thin. Cut into triangles.

Take a triangle, place a spoon of the filling on the base of the triangle , roll towards the tip.

Prepare all the remaining croissants.

 Arrange all the prepared croissants in the baking tray with gap in between. Give milk wash on all the prepared croissants.

Let it stand for two hours in a cool and damp free place.

Preheat the oven to 220 degree Celsius @ convection mode.

Bake the croissants for 15 minutes or till golden brown on top.

Let the baked croissants cool.

Serve with hot tea.

Coconut filled croissants are ready to serve.


 @ my Diverse  kitchen

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Misal pav – Pressure cooker Method

  Misal is the most popular roadside snack , it is spicy and a filling snack. Misal meaning mixture, is a delicacy in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.  It remains as a very popular snack since it is easy to make , is relatively cheap and nutritious too. The dish originated from the area of Desh , Maharashtra.
Misal served along with the pav ( Bun ) is called as misal pav. It is served along with chopped onion , coriander , farsan , boiled potato.

 The gravy made of sprouts is called as Usal , when the above ingredients are added , it is called as Misal.
  I made this pressure cooker method , it was so easy to make than the missal which I has posted earlier.
Requirements :
For Misal masala :
Sliced onion – ¼ cup
Oil – 1 tsp
Grated coconut – ¼ cup
Coriander seeds – 2 tbs
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Cloves – 2
Pepper corns – 6
Cinnamon – 1’’ piece
Red chilly – 3
Garlic – 3 cloves
For Misal :
Onion – 1
Oil – 2 tbs
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Tomato – 3
Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
White peas sprouts – 1 cup
Green peas sprouts – 1 cup
Chilli powder – 2 tsp
Salt as required
Sugar – 1 tsp
For serving :
Pav Buns – 8
Boiled potato – 1 cup
Chopped onion – ½ cup
Chopped coriander – 2 tbs
Farsan ( Mixture )  - 1 cup
Lemon wedges
Onion Rings

Method :
Misal Masala :

Heat a pan , add the grated coconut and roast well till flavor comes out. Keep aside.
In the same pan , add the coriander seeds , cumin , cloves , cinnamon , dry chilli ,pepper corns , garlic , onion and sauté well.

Add the roasted coconut and mix well.
Let it cool and grind into a fine paste with little water.
Making of usal :
Heat oil in a pressure cooker , add the cumin seeds and let it crackle.
Add the chopped onion and sauté well till it is translucent.
Add the chopped tomato and sauté till fully mashed.
Add the grounded masala and sauté well.

Now , add the chilly powder , turmeric powder and salt , mix well.
Add the sprouted peas and stir well in medium flame.
Add about 2 cup of water and let it boil , close the lid and pressure cook for two whistles.

Let the steam subsides and open the lid.
If the gravy has to be thick, cook for few minutes in medium flame with stirring continuously.
Usal is ready.
For serving :
Toast the pav with the butter.
In a bowl , pour the usal , top it with the farsan , chopped onion , potato cubes and coriander - Misal.

Place the bowl of misal in a plate along with toasted pav and serve immediately.
Have this plate of misal pav………..

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sambhar Idli / Mini Idlies soaked in Sambhar

Sambhar was the typical south Indian recipe made of pigeon pea , tamarind and vegetables. A wide variety of vegetables are used. The vegetables include okra , carrot ,drumstick , pumpkin ,radish , potato , eggplant and tomato. Thee main ingredient used was a typical masala which was grounded specially for it – Sambhar powder.
Idli is a traditional breakfast in the south Indian households. It is a savory cake made of the fermented batter of rice and urad dhal.

It is served along with sambar and chutneys.
This is simple with make with sambar and Mini idlies. The taste was divine with a dallop of ghee.
These sambar idlies are famous snack in many restaurants. It will be favorite to kids who hate idli.

Requirements :
Mini idlies – 20
Sambar – 1 cup
Coriander leaves
Sugar – ½ tsp
Grated carrot – 1 tbs

Method :

Arrange the idlies in the serving bowl.
Pour the hot steaming sambar on top. I used pumpkin sambar which gives a sweet taste.
Sprinkle sugar on the sambar.
Add the grated carrot on top.

Garnish with the coriander leaves.
Sambhar idli is ready to serve.