Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aval Ladoo / Flaked Rice sweet Balls

 Flaked rice is known as aval in Tamil .  It is called in other names as beaten rice , poha and so many.
   It is used in making upma , mixture , payasam and so on. I made a ladoo using this aval , it was so delicious and easy.
  This ladoo is made specially during Krishna jayanthi , Birthday of lord Krishna. This is a healthy sweet as well as snack. It can be made in a jiffy , when the ingredients required are in hand.
  This was one of my favorite recipe from my mom . I like this a lot for its crunchy texture.
 Many make it as smooth ladoo , but I like the coarse texture most. This recipe is cost effective too.
Requirements :
Aval / Flaked rice – 2 cup
Sugar – ¾ cup
Cashew – 6
Ghee – ½ cup
Cardamom - 2

Method :
Melt a spoon of ghee and roast the chopped cashew . Raisins can also be added.
 In the same pan , roast the aval and grind coarsely.
Grind the sugar and cardamom together coarsely.
I always make by grinding coarsely , it will be crunchy while eating.
In a bowl , add the grounded aval , sugar , cashew pieces and mix well.
Melt the ghee and add to this mixture and mix well.
Make round balls when it is still warm or else it can’t be made into shape.
Let it dry for 2 hours . store in air tight container .
It can be refrigerated for a week.
Enjoy the delicious aval ladoo...........