Saturday, December 1, 2012

Plain Ulundu vadai and Kongu special

    Plain ulundu vadai –  I named so because there is a sweet and spice version of this vadai. In our home we usually make What I am sharing here.
   We will have this with banana and sugar. This is our kongunadu special.
 During summer holidays , we cousins will be in our grand parents home. My mom and chittes will make this vadai before lunch .  After  eating this we will skip lunch itself.
  From these just think about how tasty it will be. Lets move on to the recipe.
Requirements :
Ulundhu / Urad dhal – 2 cup
Oil for frying

Method :
 Wash and Soak the urad dhal for half an hour.
Drain the water completely and grind into a  thick batter.
Heat the oil in a kadai.
Take a small amount of batter and shape it with the fingers into a circle and make a hole in the center , the shape must be like donut.
Slide into the hot oil and deep fry till golden brown.
Repeat the same with the remaining batter.
Note :
To make small vadas , can use a spoon to drop the batter into hot oil.
Serving :
Ulundu vadai can be served with coconut chutney / sambar.
Kongu special :
As I had mentioned earlier in this post that I will be sharing how we will be having this plain vada in our home.
Requirements :
Plain ulundu vadai – 5 -6
Castor sugar – 1  tbs
Ghee – 1 tsp
Banana – 2

  I n the plate , mash the bananas well with your hand , add the vadais and split it into small pieces .
Add sugar and ghee , mix all together.
Have a mouthful , it will be very tasty.
Just give it a try and let me know.

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  1. The vadas have come out perfectly dear..And the serving style with bananas is so new to me...Haven't tried or thought of this combo...Will try next time I make these vadas and let you know :)
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  2. you must try divya and you will like it. thank you

  3. sweet medu vadas wow this is differnt
    never saw this before

    medu vada making is bit tough i guess hv to get tight batter in it isnt it

    1. not so thick batter aunty , it was same as idly batter consistency

  4. Wonderful vadas,we usually add sugar to the batter, ur version is interesting, love it...

  5. The vdas are perfect. Eating with bananas is new to me. Thanks for sharing and linking to the event

  6. This is very new to me....Sounds yummy !!! Interesting too...

  7. Perfect vadas dear. Great minds think alike eh? :-) thanks for checking out my vadas too sara. Urs look so smooth and perfect dear.

    1. yes sherin we think alike , i was surprised you too posted the vada. thanks for your comment dear

  8. wow the vadas look soo soft and yummy..:)

  9. One of my favorite ulunthu vadai with sugar

    Thanks for linking to my event