Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Multi coloured capsicum pulov / Tricolour Capsicum Pulov

 Capsicum are anti bacterial in property. It increases metabolism and rich in vitamin c.
This multi coloured capsicum pulov will be very appealing to eye. This will be perfect for lunchbox.
 The flavor from the capsicum gives a nice aroma to the pulov.
Requirements :
Cooked rice – 2 cup
Onion – 1
Chopped ginger – ½ tsp
Chopped garlic – ½ tsp
Chopped red capsicum – ½ cup
Chopped green capsicum – ½ cup
Chopped yellow capsicum – ½ cup
Oil – 1 tsp
Salt as required
Pomegranate  seeds – 1 tsp

Method :
Heat oil , add the onion and sauté well till translucent.
Add the ginger and garlic. Sauté well till the raw smell leaves.
Add the capsicum and required salt.
Cook for five minutes.
Now , add the cooked rice and mix well.
Stir well for few minutes.
Transfer into serving plate. Sprinkle pomegranate and serve.
Serve with any spicy gravy.



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