Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rose Sandesh

 Sandesh are the famous Bengali sweets.  Sandesh is sweet made by coagulating milk. In south india too these sweets are popular nowadays .
 I tried this rose sandesh from Tarla Dalal’s recipe. Adding rose essence gives a lovely flavour to the sandesh.
Requirements :
Fresh Homemade panner / made of one lit milk  – 200 g
Sugar – ¾  cup
Rose essence – 2 drops

Method :
Powder the sugar and mix with the crumbled panner.
Knead this mixture for five minutes into a soft dough. This is the main part of preparing.
Heat a non stick pan and add the panner sugar mixture.
Add the rose essence to the mixture and mix well.
Stir well  and continuously for about eight to ten minutes.
At this stage , the mixture will form into a dough and won’t stick to the pan.
Take off from flame and allow to cool.
Make into desired shape.

Sprinkle grated pistachio and serve.
 Refrigerate and serve chill.

Note :
 This can be made with the store bought panner , but the taste varies.
If the readymade panner is used crumble it and mix with about ¼ cup of milk and prepare as above.