Saturday, December 29, 2012

Manathakali keerai poriyal / Black Nightshade Stirfry

   Manaathakali keerai is called as black nightshade plant in english. in our kongu region , we call it as milaguthakkali keerai. It may called because of its berries resembling tomatoes and in the size of pepper corns.
  This green is best treatment to cure mouth ulcer and peptic ulcer. It can be taken as raw / cooked . when taking as raw , it will be slight bitter in taste.
  In our home , we will make at least once in a week as we are having this plant in our garden.
Requirements :
Manathakali keerai – 2 cup
Shallots – 5
Green chilly – 2
Curry leave – a sprig
Oil – 1 tsp
Mustard seed – ½ tsp
Grated coconut – 2 tbs
Salt as required

Method :
 Wash and chop the leaves into fine pieces.
Heat oil in a kadai , add the mustard seeds and let it crackle.
Add the chopped shallots and slit green chillies. Sauté well.
Add the curry leaves and the chopped keerai , sauté well.
Sprinkle required salt and cook on medium flame.
The leaves will shrunk and become dark green.
Remove the lid and stir well till the poriyal will be dry.
Add the grated coconut and mix well.
Manathakali keerai poriyal is ready to serve.
Serve with plain rice / sambar rice.

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  1. Very healthy keerai and poriyal...Love this but its been long time I had...

  2. healthy poriyal and thanks for linking dear..

  3. very healthy greens. my mom used to make puli kolambu wd this especially when we had mouth ulcers.

    looks so yummy.