Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gulab Jamun - SNC 2

  Gulab jamun is most commonly prepared in most of the south Indian homes. We too prepare this lovely sweet for every diwali . I usually make with readymade mix or with the bread.
   First time tried with the milk powder and it came out well. It tasted same as the jamuns prepared with the ready mix.


Requirements :
Milk powder – 1 cup
Butter – 3 tbs
Semolina / Rava – 2 tbs
Maida – 3 tbs
Baking powder – a pinch
Milk / cream – 5 tbs
Oil for frying
For sugar syrup :
Sugar – 1 cup
Water – 1 cup
Rose Essence – 2 drops
Cardamon powder – a pinch
Chopped cashews / pistachios

Method :
 Sieve the milk powder , maida , rava and baking powder into a bowl and mix well.
Add the butter and mix well . It will be like crumble.
Add the milk and make into a soft dough.
I covered the dough and kept it in the fridge for 15 minutes. It makes the dough soft and lessens the crack.
Take a small part of dough and make into small round ball without any crack.
Repeat the same with the remaining dough.
Making of sugar syrup :
 Mix the sugar and water bring to boil and stir in between. When the sugar is fully dissolved add the cardamom powder and take off from flame. Add the rose essence and mix well.
Heat oil and deep fry the balls in medium flame.
Gently slide 3 – 4 balls into the hot oil at a time.
Keep rolling to cook evenly.
Fry till golden brown and spread in the tissue to absorb excess oil.

Add the fried jamuns into the sugar syrup and let it soak in the syrup for about 20 – 30 minutes.
Serve the gulab jamun along with the sugar syrup by garnishing with the chopped cashew.

Note :
Refrigerate the dough before making the balls to make crack free balls – my mom’s tip.
Always add the fried jamuns into the hot syrup , easily absorbs syrup.


  1. They Look awesome ! Thanks for sharing your mother's tip. Will try it next time :)


  2. Awesome recipe thanks for linking with my event.. and really its great you sent so many recipes for my event

  3. Super soft Jamuns dear :) Wish I could grab that bowl!! I have to complete my challenge you people are so fast :) Good work friend!! I loved the tips part usually I keep the balls aside for a while and then make the jamuns so that they dnt break.. btw link it to Pallvi's space if you haven't, just a reminder dear :)
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  4. yummuy looking jamuns :) nice work sara :)

  5. wonderful u guys r doing it better than i am able to make jamuns

  6. They look perfect dear. Luv the light colour too.

  7. They turned out really really beautiful :) Thanks a lot.

  8. Belated diwali wishes to you and your family.Spongy jamuns looks seriously stunning.

  9. very soft n yummy jamun sharanya... nice tip of your mom... will do next time...

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