Sunday, November 18, 2012

Choco Banana Delight

 This will be a fantastic dessert to be served for kids. I tried this recipe from Epicurious . This was easy to prepare this dessert.
Serves - 4
Requirements :
Banana – 2
Chocolate chips / bar – 200 g
Chopped almonds – 20 g
Chopped walnuts – 20 g
Chopped cashew – 20 g
Chopped Pistachio - 20 g
Wheat biscuit  - 10
Milk – 2 tbs

Method :
Chop the banana into two equal halves. Insert a tooth pick / popsicle stick into the banana pieces.
Crush the biscuit and spread in a flat plate.
Spread the chopped nuts in a flat plate.
Mix milk with the chocolate bar and melt in double boiling method .
When the chocolate melts , take off from heat and let it cool partially.
Take each banana , dip it in the melted chocolate and coat the whole banana with the chocolate.
Roll it immediately over the biscuit and nuts.

Repeat the same with other pieces.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes and serve.
Delicious choco banana delight is ready to serve.
note :
Refrigerating condenses the choclate .
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