Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Dosa / Noodles Dosa

 Noodles dosa is not so difficult .  It is stuffing the cooked noodles inside the dosa and roll it and serve. I came to know it is also called as spring dosa after seeing the streetfood book of sanjeev kapoor.
 As I like noodles a lot , we will always have noodles packet in our home. I was preparing dosa for my dad , some leftover noodles for me was there. Suddenly I thought why can’t stuff those noodles inside the dosa. Then came was the noodles dosa.
 Kids will like to have this , as two of their favorites are in one.
It was simple to make with noodles and dosa batter.

Requirements :
Noodles – 1 small packet
Dosa batter – 1 bowl
Vegetables of choice
Oil / ghee

Method :
Cook the noodles with the taste maker provided.
Any choice of Vegetables can be added to the noodles while cooking. I used carrot and potato.
Heat a griddle and pour a ladle full of batter and spread into a thin dosa.
Pour the oil on top.
Cook on one side . The top side of the dosa will be cooked by this time , don’t turn over.
Take 2 tbs of cooked noodles and spread on one corner of the dosa horizontal and roll the dosa towards other end.

Noodles dosa is ready to serve.
Cut into two pieces and serve.

No sidedish is needed.
Chutneys can be served along with this dosa.