Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pineapple Wontons

  Pineapple wontons , yes I made wontons with the pineapple as the filling.
 A wonton ( also spelled as wantan , wanton or wuntun ) is a type of dumpling commonly found in many recipes of Chinese cuisine.
 Wontons are made of a dough ( made of flour , egg and water ) with a filling in the center and sealed to avoid spilling out of the filling. Either steamed or fried.

 The common filling used is grounded pork with spices and salt.
 The most versatile shape is a simple right triangle , made by folding the square wrapper in half by pulling together two diagonally opposite corners.
 A globular wonton can be formed by folding all four corners together , resembling the shape of modak of India.
Shape and filling used in the wontons varies according to the region.
 Shrimp and bok choy are also used in the filling.
 I made it with pineapple , it was so tasty.

Requirements :
For the wonton :
All purpose flour  - 2 cup
Salt as required
Water – 1 cup
Oil – few drops
For Pineapple filling :
Pineapple – ½ of a fruit
Chilli powder – a pinch
Method :
Mix the flour , salt and  oil . add in the water little at a time make a soft smooth dough.
 The consistency must be like how we make for poori.
Remove the skin of the pineapple and chop finely.
Sprinkle the chilli powder and mix well.
Shaping of wontons :
 1 . Take a small marble size of the dough , press in to thin round sheet using the rolling pin.
Fill in a little of the pineapple filling , bring all the ends together   and press tightly.
2. Roll the marble sized dough in to a circle , fill in the pineapple filling , take the edge of the circle between thumb and index and make fleets like impression all through the circle and seal the top – This was the common shape of the wontons.
3. Fill in the filling in a circle , take the edge on one side between index and thumb and press tightly .  press the other side with the fingers of both hand – forms right angled triangle.

 Arrange the shaped wontons in the steamer and steam cook for 15 minutes.

Pineapple wontons are ready to serve.

Serve immediately for the soft and juicy wontons.
Note :
 Steam just before serving, otherwise wontons will become hard.
Egg is added in making dough , i didn't use egg so added few drops of oil.


  1. I am loving the sweet stuffing :) must be so good... you have explained so well, I am going to try my hands on wontons soon

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