Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Libester Award

 I received another Libester award in the same month from of Priya of priyasvirundhu
Her blog is a collection of all types of recipes. Thank you priya for this wonderful award.
These are questions she asked me to answer…..
1.              What inspired you to start a blog ?
  My passion towards cooking .
2.              what is the best food you ever had ?
It was always my mom’s food.
3.              Name  one dish you always love to cook ?
All easy breezy dishes
4.              which one would you prefer going for a picnic with your
friends or relatives ? Why ?
With both of them will be enjoyable
5.              What is the most memorable moment in your life ?
Every moment in my life was memorable……….
6.              Which type of movie do you prefer realistic or fiction ?
7.              Which is your favorite holiday spot ?
My Native………  
8.              Where do you prefer to live a city or in a village ?
Village as it was pollution free………
9.              What is one device you wish to be in your kitchen ?
I want to be what I am now and not a device….
   10 . what is your hobby ?
       Reading , Embroidery ……….   
  11 . what is your dream in your life ?
       To help the needy  as much as possible……

  I am sharing this award with all my friends and followers.........