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White Bread And Millet Bread – Tangzhong Method


 This was the  second challenge I am doing for the Baking partner . Every 16th of the month a recipe will be revealed , which has to be posted on the blog by 15 th of the next month.
 I made the French macaroons as my first challenge.
 I had already tried my hand on bread making , but didn’t get soft bread. The taste was amazing.
 Swathi has given two methods of bread baking one is asian style Tangzhong  method and other is Scandinavian method of scald flour.
There are many different methods of making bread.
 I made bread with Tangzhong method.
I made two breads. First made with the finger millet bread and on next day made the white bread.
 A few years ago , an amazing method of making this kind of soft and fluffy bread  was introduced by Yvonne Chen who wrote a Chinese book . entitled 65* C ( Bread Doctor ) . in her book , tangzhong , is described as the secret ingredient which is originated from Japan , to make soft and bouncy bread . It is actually a kind of flour paste ( Water Roux Starter ) – 1 part of bread flour cooked in 5 part of water to 65 Degree Celsius.

How does tangzhong works ?

   As we cook the flour – water mixture for the tangzhong over gentle heat , the starch begins to react with the water via gelatinization. The mixture will subsequently thicken up as the starch traps and locks the moisture from the water.
   At 65 degree Celsius , the gluten in the flour and water mixture would absorb the moisture and become leavened . when this tangzhong is added into other ingredients of the bread , the bread dough will be heightened and produces softer bread.

1.              Finger millet Bread – Tangzhong Method
2.               White Bread – Tangzhong method
    For making both of the bread , we has to prepare the tangzhong ( Roux starter ).
 The preparation of this water Roux starter is simple and easy.

Requirements :

Maida / Bread flour – 1/3 cup  or 50 g
Water  - 1 cup or 250 ml ( could be replaced by milk , or 50/50 water and milk )

Method :

Formula – 1 part of flour + 5 part of water cooked to 65 degree Celsius.
Take the flour in a bowl.
Add the water and whisk well without any lumps.

Bring to boil in a medium flame. Keep stirring.
If your having thermometer means can measure the temperature.
If not , after few minutes , it will thicken and look like a paste. While stirring straight lines will form.
Roux starter is ready.
Let it cool.

It can be stored in airtight container and kept in freezer for 3 days.

Finger Millet Bread by Tangzhong Method

Finger millet / Ragi flour is widely used in Indian cuisine. It is a good source of calcium.

Requirements :

Maida – 2 cup
Finger Millet flour – 1 cup
Milk – ½ cup ( As I am using water for yeast proffing )
Tangzhong – half of the quantity made above
Sugar – 4 tbs
Salt – 1 tsp
Butter – 3 tbs
Dry yeast – 2 tbsp
Water – ½ cup

 Method :

Heat the water to 110 degree Celsius , add the dry yeast and a spoon of sugar. Close with a lid and let it undisturbed for 15 minutes.
Take the dry ingredients in a large bowl.
Mix the flour , finger millet flour , sugar and salt. Mix well.
To the proofed yeast add the milk and tangzhong.

If using egg mix at this stage.
Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix well.
Knead with the hand.
At first , the dough will be sticky.
Knead for about 20 – 30 minutes , the dough will be smooth due to the gluten formation.
Add the butter and knead for ten minutes.
At this stage the dough can be stretched into a thin membrane.
Place the kneaded dough in a oiled bowl and cover it with the plastic wrap.
Let it proof for 2 – 3 hours.

Deflate the doubled dough , divide the dough into three / four equal parts according to the loaf pan size.
Form the divided dough into balls. Cover with the plastic wrap and allow it to rest for 15 minutes.
Lightly dust the kitchen counter , take a ball and roll into oval with a rolling pin.
Fold an end towards the center followed by another end.

Roll out again into oval shape.
Roll the oval shape into a roll / cylinder.
Repeat with the remaining dough.
Place the rolled dough in the greased loaf pan.
Cover with plastic wrap and let for the second rise. It may take 1 hour.
I brushed the loaf with melted butter.

Bake in the preheated oven @ 220 degree Celsius for 35 minutes.
Remove from the pan and let it cool.
Finger millet bread is ready to serve.

White Bread with Tangzhong Method

   White bread / Milk bread is available in every bakery and shops. I tried this bread on the next day to use the remaining Tangzhong.
  It is called as milk bread also , because of its color and milk flavor. This bread can be made by using coconut filling or any filling of your choice. I made it to a loaf.
 I has to tell that this bread was so soft and fluffy than the finger millet bread.
I baked it evening and finished for dinner.

Requirements :
Maida / Bread Flour – 2 ½ cup
Sugar – 3 tbs
Salt – 1 tsp
Milk – ½ cup
Dry yeast – 2 tbs
Milk powder – 2 tbs
Tangzhong – half of the above quantity
Butter – 3 tbs
Water – ½ cup

Method :
The chilled tangzhong has to be bring to room temperature before adding to the dough.
Heat the water to 110 degree Celsius and add a spoon of sugar and the dry yeast. Cover with a lid and let it undisturbed for 15 minutes – proffing of yeast
Take a large bowl and add the flour , sugar , salt and milk powder. If using active yeast add at this stage.
Mix all together to combine well.
To the proofed yeast add the milk and tangzhong , mix well without any lumps.

Add this wet ingredient to the dry ingredients and mix well.
Knead with the hand for 20 minutes.
As I didn’t have the food processor , I kneaded by hand.
First the dough will be sticky , while keep on kneading the dough will get into shape and smooth due to gluten formation.
Add in the butter @ room temperature and knead again for ten minutes.
Window pan Test :
To test whether the dough is ready. Stretch the dough and place infront of the window , you can see a thin membrane of dough without tearing. 

If not knead for few more minutes.
Place the kneaded dough in a oiled bowl and cover with a plastic wrap.

 Let it for the first rise. It takes about 2 hours. The best temperature for proofing is 28 degree Celsius.

When the dough is fully proofed , press with your finger in the center of the doubled dough , the impression will stay without disappearing.
Deflate the doubled dough.
Transfer into a floured kitchen counter. Divide the dough into three equal parts and shape into balls and let it proof for 15 minutes by plastic wrap.

Take a ball and roll into oval shape with the rolling pin.
Take an end and wrap towards the center and followed by another end.
Roll again into oval shape.
Roll into a cylinder / log.
Repeat with the remaining dough.
Arrange the rolls in the greased loaf pan.

Let it for second rise with the plastic wrap covering.
Brush the melted butter on top.
Bake in the preheated oven for 35 minutes @ 220 degree Celsius.
Let it cool in wire rack.
Slice and serve.
White bread is ready to serve.


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