Saturday, March 2, 2013

Manathakali keerai / Black Night shade greens chutney

   Most of the tamilians knew this green , as it is widely used throughout Tamilnadu. In our kongu region we call it as milaguthakali keerai , the name may be due to its berries resembling milagu which is pepper corn in English.
   Mostly this green is used to make stir fry  and its unripe berries are used to make puli kulambu. We make this chutney preparation , which is a best combo with rice , idli , dosa and roti.
 We have this plant in our farm , so we will make any dish using its products at least once in a week.
  This green is an excellent medicine in curing peptic ulcer and stomach ulcer. The raw leaves say 5 – 6 leaves have to be chewed and shallowed before having food in the moring.

 So lets move on to the recipe……..

Requirements :
Milaguthakali keerai – 2 cups
Dry chilly – 4
Tomato – 1
Garlic – 2 cloves
Shallots – 5
Cumin – ½ tsp
Pepper – ½ tsp
Coriander seeds – ¼ tsp
Oil – 1 tsp
Salt as required
Grated coconut – 4 tbs

Method :
Heat oil in a pan , add the cumin , pepper corns , coriander and fry well.
Add the garlic , shallots , dry chilly and fry for five minutes.
Now add the greens and sauté till all the water is evaporated.
Add the chopped tomato and saute for two minutes.

Let it cool .
Grind along with coconut and required salt.
Add little water while grinding.
Manathakali chutney is ready to serve.
Tempering can be added if needed.
Serve with idli / Dosa.

Note :
  A small marble sized tamarind can be used instead of tomato.
Roasted gram dhal  can be used in place of coconut.


  1. The health benefits of this is gr8. Its long time I had this. Dont get it here.

  2. i do not have any idea of this plant :)..guess it tastes good
    grt to see this kinds of traditional recipes ..

  3. Chutney with manathakkali, thats truly very healthy and innovative.

  4. Delicious and healthy chutney

  5. Delicious n healthy too hv my MIL's version and loved urs to core :-)

  6. Manathakkali keera-la chutney...very innovative..very healthy thought..

  7. Wow very healthy and delicious Sharanya. This is really new to me. As soon as I go back to Chennai I will try this chutney. I love manathakkali keerai