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Hokkaido Milk Bread With Tangzong – We Knead to Bake # 3

   Being part of the We knead to bake Group , we baked spinach pesto pullapart bread and croissants on the previous month. For this month Aparna of MyDiverse Kitchen challenged us to make this Hokkaido milk Bread by using Tangzhong.

 Tangzhong is a method of using Water Roux starter in the making of bread. It gives the bread a soft texture. Its texture is described as soft cottony / pillowy texture. This bread is very popular in south Asian bakeries across the world.
 This Bread is also known as Asian Sweet Bread and Hong Kong Pai Bo.some people say this is a Japanese bread while others say it’s because the milk used In this bread is from Japan while others suggested its pure white color and the textureresemble the pristineness of Hokkaido .

History of Tangzhong :
A few years ago , an amazing method of making this kind of soft and fluffy bread  was introduced by Yvonne Chen who wrote a Chinese book  entitled 65* C ( Bread Doctor ) . In her book , tangzhong , is described as the secret ingredient which is originated from Japan , to make soft and bouncy bread . It is actually a kind of flour paste ( Water Roux Starter ) – 1 part of bread flour cooked in 5 part of water to 65 Degree Celsius ( 149 * F).

How does tangzhong works ?

   As we cook the flour – water mixture for the tangzhong over gentle heat , the starch begins to react with the water via gelatinization. The mixture will subsequently thicken up as the starch traps and locks the moisture from the water.
   At 65 degree Celsius , the gluten in the flour and water mixture would absorb the moisture and become leavened . when this tangzhong is added into other ingredients of the bread , the bread dough will be heightened and produces softer bread.

 I made a tutti frutti filling Tangzhong bread and a tortoise and Two hedgedogs. Enjoyed making this bread………….
Recipe source :
Original recipe from  65 Degree Tangzhong 65 * Bread doctor by Yvonne Chen and adapted from Kirbie’s cravings .


For Tangzhong : ( Water – Roux Starter )
All purpose flour – 1/3 cup
Water – ½ cup
Milk – ½ cup
For dough :
All purpose flour – 2 ½ cup
Sugar – 3 tbs
Salt – 1 tsp
Butter – 25 g / 2 tbs
Milk powder – 2 tbs
Dry yeast – 2 tsp
Milk – 1 cup
Tangzhong – 1/3 cup ( Half of roux prepared from above )
Tutti Frutti – ½ cup

Method :
The Tangzhong / Water Roux starter :
Mix together the flour , water and milk togetherin a pan until smooth and there are no lumps.
Place the pan in the stove and cook over medium flame. Keep stirring.
The mixture will starts thickening. If having a thermometer means cook till it reaches 65 * C ( 150 F) and take off from flame.

As I don’t have a thermometer , check while stirring the roux the lines will form. Take off from flame.
Let it cool for 2 – 3 hours.
It will have the consistency of the crème patisserie.
Store the remaining roux in a airtight container and store in the fridge for 2 days.
Always use the fridge stored Tangzhong after coming to room temperature.
Proofing of Yeast :
 If using Instant yeast means add directly to the flour. As I used dry yeast , it must be proofed first.
Warm a ½ cup of ater to 110 * C / Luke warm. Add in the yeast and a spoon of sugar , mix and close with a lid.
After 10 – 15 minutes frothy liquid will be seen.
Making of dough :
In a bowl add the flour , salt , sugar and mix well.
In a bowl , mix the milk , proffed yeast and tangzhong well.
Add this liquid mixture to the flour mixture.
Mix well .

If using food processor the kneading will be easy.
I kneaded by hand.
At the beginning the dough will be sticky. Keep kneadind for about 20 minutes. The dough will become smooth and elastic.
Now , add the butter and knead for another 10 minutes.
If the dough feels tough and firm add a couple of spoon of milk and knead.
There was a test to check the dough is ready or not.
Window pan Test :
To test whether the dough is ready. Stretch the dough and place infront of the window , you can see a thin membrane of dough without tearing. 

If not knead for few more minutes.
Roll the dough into a ball.
Place the kneaded dough in an oiled bowl and cover with a plastic wrap.
Let it rise for 2-3 hours or till double in volume.

To check the dough is well raised , make a hole in the center of the raised dough , the hole won’t disappear.

Shaping in to Loaf :
Place the raised dough in the working counter.
Knead and divide the dough into 4 equal parts.
I used 3 parts in making the loaf and used the other one in making tortoise and hedgehogs.
Let the divided dough stand for 15 minutes.

Roll out each portion of the dough with a rolling pin into a oval shape , about 1/8 th inch thick.
Take one end of the dough from the shorter side of the oval end fold it to the middle of the oval. Take the other end and fold so it slightly overlaps the other fold.
Roll this folded dough with the rolling pin so the unfolded edges are stretched out to form a rectangle.
 If making plain loaf , roll this  rectangle from one short edge to the other , pinching the edges to seal well.

As I made tutti fruit bread , I sprinkled the tutti fruit on the rectangle and rolled towards the other end.
Repeat with the other two rolls.

Arrange with rolls in the greased loaf tin and let it for second rise , takes about an hour.

Shaping of Hedgedogs and Tortoise Rolls

 For the hedgehog :
Take the remaining one of the dough , divide into three equal parts.
To a part , roll it with the hand into a sphere and then elongate one end to form the nose of the hedgehog. I used pepper corns for the eyes. Press well , so that it won’t fall while baking. On the body , using the scissor ,cut few times all over  to give it impression of the quills. The cut must be deep so that it won’t disappear while baking.
Repeat with the other one too.

For Tortise roll :
On the remaining ball of the dough , take a large portion and shape into a smooth ball in a slightly elongated manner. With the remaining dough , roll into a head and four limbs. I didn’t make shell separately , if want can make. Mark cross lines on the body to resemble the shell. Attach the head and limbs to the body with the help of milk.
Baking of the loaf :
Carefully brush the milk and sugar mixture on the top of the loaf and animal shapes.
Bake in the preheated oven of 220 * Celsius  @ convection mode for 30 minutes or till browned on top.

Let them cool in the tin for 5 min and then unmould to rack to cool.

For baking the tortoise and hedgehog :
Arrange them in a baking tray.

Bake in the pre heated oven for 10 – 15 minutes.

   My Diverse Kitchen


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