Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Indian Breads – Cookbook Review - Kela Paratha

         The review for the cook book Indian Breads by Dr. G. Padma Vijay which I received from Westland Publishers. This book is a comprehensive guide to traditional and Innovative  Indian Breads.

About the Author :
Dr. G. Padma Vijay was a regular freelance writer for the Diet file column in Femina as well as the Times of India . She  was a nutrition consultant for Femina’s cookery section and currently conducts workshops on diet and nutrition .

 She is the author of 101 Kerala delicacies  , Healthy Heart Diet Book , Diet for Diabetes and  The Anti – Ageing cookbook . Her A perfect cook book  for pregnant women and  nursing mothers won the  2011 Gourmand International cookbook award under the diet and nutrition category at the country level.

About the book :
  The front cover with plain roti was so eye catching.  The contents of the book occupies more than six pages.  There are more than hundred  Indian flatbreads both traditional and innovative recipes.
    The breads are under the sections
      Vegetarian Flatbreads
      Paratha with leafy vegetables
     Parathas with root vegetables
     Parathas with stem vegetables
     Parathas with herbs
     Parathas with dairy products
    Parathas with seeds and spices
   Lachha parathas
  Tandoori and Tava rotis
  Chappati  , Phulkas  , Theplas  , Puri  , Naan  , Kulchas and Parottas

    Flatbreads with rice flour , maize flour , barley flour , oat flour , rye flour , sorghum , and finger millet flour.

   Non – vegetarian flatbreads includes  egg ,  seafood , chicken and mutton flatbreads.

   Sweet flatbreads  like puran poli etc.

   Snack flatbreads include khakras  and Bhakris

Recipe I tried :

   There are so many recipes which I has to try …… I tried the kela paratha first . we all liked it a lot. It is the stuffing of the raw banana filling inside the wheat roti.





     As the picture above shows  the nutritive value for each paratha is published. It will be helpful to know how much calories we can have and plan ahead the number of parathas too....
    I would say this is book is must for each home as the flatbreads are common in every indian homes. Including vegetables and leafy vegetables in the flatbread  makes the bread healthy and delicious. 

    You can order the book from the Westland Limited or through other online stores and in bookstores..........

Disclaimer :
  The review were my own and this is not  a paid review.

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