Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gits Ready Meals Review – Product Review


  I received a small complimentary pack of Gits ready meals which consist of two products


  Dal makhani ( 300 g)

  Gulab Jamun mix ( 100 g )

   I kept the gulab jamun mix as we all are down with cold and tried the dal makhani .

  The company has been in food industry from 1963 , it was almost five decades running successfully.

  I won’t prefer  ready meals because of the fear of the addition of preservatives and MSG in them.  Gits states that their products were fully cooked , No preservatives and No MSG.

   Gits ready meals are shelf stable at room temperature for 12 months from packing. No need to store in freezer.

  This is achieved as the products are hot filled in laminated multi- layered aluminium foil pouches ; able to withstand thermal processing temperature  in excess of 100* C at the specified pressure required for sterilization.

  The Dal makhani gravy was in a aluminum foil pouch , just immerse this whole pack inside a vessel with  boiling water  or microwave for 2 minutes.

   Cut open the pouch and serve the delicious gravy.

  The pack weighs 300g and is priced at INR 65 /- . I think this pouch is enough for two.

   The ingredients used were printed on the pack  along with the nutritional pack per 100 g of serving.

   The gravy tastes good and with mild spice level.


Disclaimer :

   The above views were my own after tasting the product and I was not paid for the review.

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