Thursday, October 15, 2015


 Next on Around the world series under the continent Asia – Azerbaijan.


    Azerbaijan is officially the Republic of Azerbaijan , is a transcontinental country in the Caucasus region , situated at the crossroads of eastern Europe and western Asia.

     It is bounded by the Caspian sea to the east , Russia to the north , Georgia to the northwest , Armenia to the west ,  Adrian to the south.


    Azerbaijan cuisine has been influenced by food of different cultures . For the Azerbaijanis food is an important part of country’s culture and is deeply rooted in the history and traditions.

     As of the fertility of the land , abundance of vegetables and greens , lot of use of fresh vegetables and herbs in the dishes.

      Fresh herbs used including mint , coriander , dill , basil , parsley , leek , chives , thyme , marjoram  and green onion.

      Azerbaijan cuisine consists of more than 40 different plov recipes . Kebabs were made from lamb , beef , chicken , duck and fish. Dried fruits and walnuts are used in many dishes.

     The traditional condiments are salt , black pepper ,sumac and saffron. Black tea is the national beverage and is drunk after food.

   I had tried few of the vegetarian recipes



   Kidney bean soup

   Pomegranate Potato salad 

   Eggplant with Tomato 

   Mint Sherbet

  Shorgogal  - spicy flaky bread

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