Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spinach Pesto - an Indian Twist

 Pesto is the name to the Italian dip / spice paste used in making pasta. Outside Italy it is used to call all cold sauce and dips.

 It is a sauce originated in northen Italy and traditionally consists of garlic , basil , pinenuts , olive oil and parmesan cheese and grounded with a circular motion of the pestle in the mortar.

The traditional basil based pesto is called as pesto alla Genovese.  There are many varities of pestos are made these days.
Sometimes almonds , cashewnuts , walnuts are used instead of pinenuts and sometimes mint leaves are mixed with basil leaves.


I made this spinach pesto with groundnuts as I won’t get pinenuts in my place. I didn’t tasted raw spinach before , so I don’t know how it will taste. After tasting I fell for it . I used this in making the pull apart bread and also with idli.
 It was simple and easy to make with few ingredients.

Requirements :
Spinach – 2 handful
Roasted groundnuts – 1 handful
Garlic – 6 cloves
Green chilly – 4
Melted butter – 1 tbs
Salt as required

Method :
In a blender , first grind the roasted groundnuts.
Add the chopped spinach , green chilly , garlic and required salt.
Grind again by adding the melted butter.
You will get a fine smooth paste of the pesto.
Spinach pesto with the Indian twist is ready to serve.

Note :
I used the roasted groundnuts with its skin itself , so you can see small red color pieces in the pesto.
Don’t add water while grinding , water from the fresh spinach is enough.


  1. kalrkringa.mm looks so delicious.am a big fan of this

  2. hey this looks yummy as it is and almostlike spinach chutney na
    i wud hv this spread on bread or my roti hehe

  3. Yummy and healthy spread dear. Will try this simple spinach pesto soon.

  4. unique recipe, looks so good, i would love to have this with pasta...

  5. this pesto is so unique and different from regular pesto....

  6. Healthy and delicious pesto.. Love it..

  7. Healthy n unique pesto dear, love it!!!