Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 .....................
  Jujups will be everyone's favorite in their schooldays.I tasted this sweet a lot but I don’t know what to call it as . Anyway , it was a sweet  ( candy ) for me from my school days.
 I would wonder from which they made these . I didn’t get the answer before came through this blog.
  After blogging , I came across this recipe from jayasree of Experiments in kailaskitchen. check the original recipe here.
 Though the requirements may be simple , it consumes more of your energy.There are many varities using agar agar , although i find it is healthy with natural ingredients. Iam happy to share this wonderful yet simple recipe on this new year...............
Requirements :
Grated papaya – 2 cup
Sugar – 1 ½ cup
Salt – 2 tbs
Water – ¾ cup
Essence – 2 tsp
Lime juice – 4 tsp

Method :
 Soak the grated papaya in water with the salt for half an hour.

Wash and drain the grated papaya.
Heat a pan , add these papaya along with ¾ cup of water  and cook with closed lid.

Cook till all the water are evaporated. It may take about 20 minutes.
Stir in between for even cooking.

Now add , the sugar and stir well. Sugar will melt and the pulp thickens. This involves ten to fifteen minutes.

Add the essence and lime juice. Cook for few minutes.

The mixture won’t stick to the pan at this stage.
Take off from flame.

Make into your desired shape when the mixture is at hand holding temperature.
I rolled it too small cylinders.

Then roll this jujups in the sugar.
Now , it will look like crystals on a slippery surface.

Let it dry for few hours .

Store in air tight containers.

Note :


  1. Jujups with papaya? Hearing it for the first time! I love the colour of the jujups!

  2. interesting n delicious recipe dear, wishing you a very happy new year!!!

  3. this is traditional xmas sweet and looks like jelly at times isnt it
    the name i learnt recently from one of my friends that this is called jujups
    looks delicious

  4. Wow lovely colour and I am sure it taste gr8 too.

    Happy New year to you & your Family.

  5. After seeing your Jujups post yesterday, I bought a papaya to try it out. They look so nice and inviting. Thanks a lot for linking it up...

  6. Wow... what a lovely recipe thanks for being a part of my new event

  7. What a great recipe with papaya.... really awesome
    thanks for linking this wonderful recipe with my event

  8. wowwwwwwwwwww..that looks amazing...thnx for linking in

  9. wow lovely orange color and tempting dear :)

  10. this is a really interesting recipe...looks delicious and cute...
    Thanks for sending it to my event...

  11. v gud attempt saranya.... looks delicious....happy cooking

  12. I used to love it when i was a kid.Brought back childhood memories.Should try it one day.