Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Khubz / Khubz Arabi / Bahraini Flatbread #Bahrainicuisine

 Each country has their own unique  bread . This Bahrain bread is very similar to pita bread. It is cooked in special clay oven , I baked in my oven. We had it with Baba Ghanoush and Hummus.  It is often served with  mahyawa fish sauce.
 The bread puffs up in the oven to make a pocket similar to a pita bread.

Requirements :

3 cup All purpose flour
2 tbs Instant dry yeast
1 ½ cup Tepid water
1 tsp Sugar
½ tsp Salt
2 tbs Vegetable oil
Method :
In a bowl , add the water along with sugar and dissolve in the yeast.
 Mix together flour and salt.
Add the flour mixture to the yeast and mix well. Add in the oil and knead well.
Knead well for 10 minutes till the dough is smooth and elastic.
Place the dough in a oiled bowl and cover it with dry towel.
Let the dough for first rise.
Preheat oven to 400 * F / 200*C.
Punch on the raised dough and divide into 12 equal portions and make smooth balls.
 Place a ball on the floured surface and dust with flour on top.
Roll the ball into 6 inch diameter thick.
Place on greased baking tray and bake for 10 – 15 minutes or until the bread puffs up and golden.
 The bread should be soft and white with a pouch inside when tear open.

Enjoy Khubz with Baba Ghanoush.

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