Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bhima - The man in the shadows – Book Review

      Bhima - Half human and half superman , He was the man in the shadows as little will be told about him. He killed his own cousins - kauravas for the love of a woman - draupati. He was the man with gigantic built with a mace in his hand.

 This is Mahabharata told in the view of Bhima , the second pandava. The story begins in the battle field where Bhima is about to kill Duchadhana. He is begging him to leave him , as Bhima had already killed 98 brothers of him.
    Bhima kills him and takes his blood to Draupati and apply it on her hair and decorate it with his heart.

    Then comes his childhood where they were staying in the forest and one day bhima was lost in the forest and he meets his real father Vaayudeva.
   When he returns back to the ashram , he finds pandu – his known father was dead.
  The swampara of Draupati was the next scene , Arjuna won and as per their mother Kunti’s saying all of them marries her.
  At the first sight itself Bhima falls for her but she was in love with Arjuna.
  Even though he was envious towards arjuna , he likes his brother and supports him in every action.

 When arjun marries subhatra , draupati was heart broken , Bhima was in her side and helps her in cooking and he was a great cook.

  When their new city indraprastha was build by a MAYAN , they decided to do a yagam and invited the kings of many nations. This included their cousins gauravas.

  When duryodhana accidently falls into the pool mistaking it as the marble floor. Draupati who was standing on the balcony laughed and said like his father duryodhana was blind.

 Bhima didn’t know that this smile of draupadhi will bring a huge war and the destruction of their cousins and he sons of pandavas.

As the story of Mahabharata was known to all , but  reading in the view of bhima and knowing his feeling  in each and every scene is good.

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   Thank you Westland Publishers for sending the book….

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