Tuesday, December 15, 2015

BAHRAIN # Aroundtheworld

  Bahrain , officially called  the Kingdom of Bahrain , is a small Island country situated near western shore of Persian gulf in the Middle East.

 Bahrain has the first post-oil economy in Persian gulf. The capital city Manama , is the home to many large financial structures.

  Bahrain produces only a small amount of its food requirements due to its limited land space and imports most of its food. Most food are animal based especially camel and sea foods.


 Bahrain cuisine has influence from the other arab people like Levantine ( especially Lebanese  ) cuisine brought hummus , tabbouleh and spices.
The popular dishes are Kubuz ( bread ) , Hummus , Falafel , Machboos  , Muhammar and Shawarma.

 Gahwa ( Arabic coffee ) is the country’s favorite drink. I thought of making vegetarian version of chicken machboos , but later I thought not to change the original version.

I have tried few of the vegetarian dishes, they are

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