Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tips To maintain your baby’s skin soft

     Babies are the greatest boon from god. Baby’s cute smiles , small yawns and their language (we won’t understand may be their mom understands  and feeds ) are the loveable things , we can watch over for long without counting on the duration spend.

    Babies are the cutest in their every action . My niece Akshara ( Anu’s Daughter ) was the cute little angel in our home. We love to play with her . she smiles  with her baby teeth showing , so cute.

  Skin being the largest organ in our body. Skin’s softness and suppleness is due to the water content in our body and the secretion of the natural oil .Everyone must have felt the softness of the baby’s skin.

   As baby’s skin are the  softest , we must try to avoid any chemicals . we use natural things for her till now. My mom and Anu were very concern to use only natural and home made ingredients for Akshara’s  skin and hair.

 We must take care of the following :

1.     Use  soft cotton cloths as baby  wear and on bed. We usually fold a large cotton cloth and place it on the bed and make akshara to lie on it.
2.     We use cotton cloth to wipe her dry after bath and after nature’s call wash and pat dry with soft cotton cloth.
3.     We use luke warm water to bath her and clean her after toileting activities.
4.     We always make her sleep under mosquito net to avoid mosquito bites.
5.     We always clean and wipe dry before changing diaper , this prevents any breaking of skin and  rashes.
6.     If the baby is on mother’s milk , there will be enough water content. If the baby is on weaning , take care to feed water in between to avoid dehydration as well as drying of skin.

What we do to keep her skin soft and supple?

We bathe her twice daily with luke warm water.

1.   Oil Massage
We use slightly warmed sesame oil for massaging. Massage the whole body for 10 minutes and keep her on early morning sun as this is good foe baby’s skin and won’t harm. We do this twice a week.
2.   Green gram flour
We use homemade green gram flour to bath her. We use this both for her hair and skin. This helps to maintain the natural moisture in the skin .

3.   Milk cream ( Malai )
Milk cream is a natural moisturizer to skin. We apply this to her once in a week on her body and face and massage for 10 minutes. Bath her in lukewarm water with green gram flour.
4.   Ghee ( Clarified butter )
Ghee is good for the skin.  When  massaged on the it gives a softness and shine to skin. We use homemade ghee for her.

5.   Coconut milk / oil
Coconut oil is a good for skin’s nutrition and softness. Just take few drops of coconut oil in a hand and add few drops of warm water and rub between your palms , then apply on the baby’s skin. This is an excellent natural moisturizer, this can be applied after bath. As the skin absorbs  and we use few drops oil , there won’t be stickiness on skin.
  There was a custom in kerala is to boil the cotton milk and take the oil oozing on top . This oil is used for baby's hair and skin.
 Coconut oil acts as a natural moisture and gives shiny skin.

     Those who taking care of baby and lifting the baby must clean their hands with mild sanitiser before holding the baby.

 We have been using pampers for her from  birth till now.

     Pampers brings you the softest ever pampers premium care pants. Its cotton like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe , thus keeping baby's skin soft and healthy , and your baby happy .

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