Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pamper your Munchkins skin

  Baby’s skin are soft ,  unlike adult skin they are delicate and immature. Utmost care must be given to maintain the baby’s skin as soft as it is.

Don’t wipe baby’s skin very harsh and use soft cotton wipes.

 Those who take care of the baby and other family members must take care before handling the baby , they must wash their hand and rinse with hand sanitizer . If any of the family member is sick or with any skin diseases they must keep away from the baby.

  Avoid keeping hot objects or other chemicals or drugs or insecticides on the reach of the baby.


1.Post Bath Massage :
   Post bath massage is  important to regain the skin’s suppleness as well remove anydeath skins left even after bath.
  This can be done with a baby lotion or non greasy oil like coconut oil. This relaxes the baby after a warm soothing bathe. When we massage the baby will fall asleep most of the time while massaging. Each massage makes the skin soft and smooth by increasing blood circulation.

2. Cloth

 Always wore your baby mild colour cotton cloth. As bright colour absorbs more heat especially Black dress. This leads to rashes and boils due to heat buildup.
  Make sure to use cotton spreads on bed too.
Use mild detergent to wash baby’s used cloths and immerse in the antiseptic after wash and dry in direct sunlight. This prevents germ growth there by rahes or other skin diseases.

3. Sunlight
Sunlight is needed for the skin to produce Vitamin D. There is no other source of this vitamin available , it must be produced on by the skin.

 Early morning sunlight is good for babies . But avoid mid morning and noon sunlights , as they are very hot and more UV rays are emitted.
 If the hot sun can’t be avoided use hat and umbrella . For mild sunburns apply a wet cloth to baby’s skin 10 – 15 minutes 5 times a day.

4. Avoiding diaper Rash

   When there was redness around the area were diaper touches the skin – diaper rash. This occurs due to tight diaper , left the diaper for long which is wet.

  These diaper rashes can be avoided by changing the diaper as soon as it is wet and by keeping the  diaper area open to air as long as or in between changing the diaper. If you found any rash apply the ointment containing Zinc oxide.
5. Care on skin products used

   I prefer to use natural products that too homemade only. If you can’t avoid using products like soap , oil , lotion or sunscreen, take care to choose the products without fragrance ,  dyes , phthalates and parabens as these cause skin irritation.

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