Saturday, November 14, 2015

Silk Road Vegetarian – Cookbook Review - Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

I Received this cookbook for reviewing from Tuttle publication. This book silk road vegetarian written by  Dahlia Abraham Klein. The book consists of vegan , vegetarian and gluten free recipes.

All the recipes in the book are from silk road. I am hearing for the first time about this silk road. This was the trade route from china to India and mediterrian. I had read about silk trade from china and India , may be the  route of the travel may be called so.

In this book the author has covered vegetarian recipes from the countries  in the silk road. All the recipes are traditional village recipes. The author had a chance of trying on various cuisines and had lived in various parts of the world from her childhood because of her father’s business.

The book starts with the spice pantry in which the various spices and its uses were explained.

Then comes the basic preparation section in which she explained about Tofu , legumes , grains and rice varities. She also explained about their cooking method and the variation  in each part of silk road.

The whole book is divided into eight chapters

Bases and condiments




Main Dishes

Rice Dishes

Side Dishes


Each recipe under the above sections were perfectly assembled with preparation and cooking time along with the serving.

Each recipe have been well explained and I can’t believe this was the authors first cookbook. The pictures with the recipes were so  eye catching which makes us to try those recipes.

It was hard for me to choose a recipe from the huge collection , I choose to post here was a salad recipe ..

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad


      The salad was so delicious with the lemon , olive oil and  sugar dressing. The flavor from the dill makes the salad unique.

There are so many delicious recipes like these in the book . I recommend this book for those who want to try vegetarian recipes.

Disclaimer : This is not a paid review and all the views above are my own.

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