Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Café spice Cookbook - Cookbook Review - South Indian Cabbage Slaw

This book consists of 84 quick and easy Indian recipes for everyday meals.I received this book from Tuttle publication for review.

The author of the book was Hari Nayak- Indian educated and working in USA. He is on a mission to spread the enjoyment of Indian cuisine to everyone he meets.

About the author :

Hari Nayak  is a graduate of the culinary institute of America. He was the culinary director for the Café Spice brand and also runs his own restaurant consultancy firm, Gourmet Gurus.

His inspiration towards cooking started  in his young age by seeing the cooking of his grandmother. She grinds all her masalas freshly.

The author also has influence from other cultures and cuisine, which he experienced while travelling the globe.

About the book :

This book consists of  Hari’s all-natural and incredibly tasty indian dishes. The picture of bengal fish curry on the front page was fantastic with brilliant styling.

In the first few pages , the author talks about the café spice story.

The next few pages for simple techniques in indian cooking like deep frying , roasting , steaming etc.

Next the author introduces indian ingredients commonly used and their importance.

The dishes where categorized under nine chapters.

Basics – masala

Chutneys and Accompainments

Starters and salads

Soups and Dals

Vegetables and Cheese

Fish and Seafoods

Poultry and Meat

Breads , Rice And Grains

Desserts and Drinks

Each recipes were well explained  with a eye catching pictures. I want to make all the recipes from the book. The author also included shopping guide at the end of the book  for those living in the America , where they can get Indian ingredients.

Recipe I made from book :

South Indian Cabbage  Slaw ( Kosu Pachadi )

This was a simple indian coleslaw recipe with the easily available ingredients with the fresh flavor from the tempering and the creaminess from the yogurt , sweetness from the freshly grated coconut.

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