Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Milk Fudge Apples #HappyDiwali

Iniya Deepavali Nalvalthukal   Happy Diwali to all

 Have a safe and joyous Diwali…….

 Happy to be posting my favorite recipe ,  which we were making for the long time. I first saw this recipe in a monthly magazine and we make that with milk powder. We didn’t tasted this apples in any sweet shops.
  We all like this easy to make sweet a lot. I won’t like milk sweets mostly , I love to make for my family.


    This time I used the homemade Ricotta to make this cute apples. These can be made with khoa ( mawa) or with chenna ( homemade panner ).


Requirements :
Homemade Ricotta Cheese – 2 cup
Condensed milk ( NESTLE Milkmaid ) – 200 g
Clarified butter ( Ghee ) – 1 tbs + greasing for hand
Yellow food colour – 6 drops
Red food colour – 3 drops
Cloves as required for stock

Method :
In a nonstick pan , add the ricotta cheese , clarified butter and mix well. Bring to heat on a medium flame and mix well.
Add in the condensed milk and mix continuously.
After few minutes , the contents thickens and leaves the pan. You must be able to shape without the content sticking on the fingers.

You can avoid using food colour if you don’t want.
Add in the yellow food colour and mix well.
Grease your both hands with ghee and mix the milk fudge with hand as off kneading the dough.

When the contents are in bearable heat, make small  round balls without any crack  and insert a clove on the top and press somewhat deep to resemble the shape of the apple.

 Make the apples as quick as possible as the fudge will harden as the warmth reduces.

 Now the yellow apples are ready . To add a red colour hue to the apples , dip a damp towel or a damp brush  in the red food colour and apply here and there on top part of the apples.
   I got around 25 apples , it may vary according to the size made.
Let them dry for few minutes and pack individually for gifting.

These cute milk fudge apples will be a great gift for Diwali………..

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