Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Karporavalli( Cuban oregano ) Rasam

Karporavalli / omavalli , as this herb is called in tamilnadu. It was widely used in traditional medicines. This was used to treat cold in young childrens.
We can take the leaf as raw , but many won’t like the taste as well as smell. I came across this recipe in a blog . I tried this with my variation which I am sharing with you.

Requirements :
Karporavalli ( Cuban oregano) -  10  leaves
Tomato      -  2 nos
Garlic   -  2 cloves
Pearl onion   -  2 nos
Cumin  - ½ tsp
Pepper  -  ½ tsp
Red chilly  - 3 nos
 Method :
 Grind cumin , pepper , red chilly , karporavalli leaves , curry leaves, onion , garlic and tomato.
Heat kadai , add ginelly  oil , then mustard seeds , curry leaves followed by grounded mixture.
 Sauté for few minutes , then add two cups of water.
 Allow to boil.
Sprinkle chopped coriander leaves.
Serve with rice. This can be taken as soup.
 Gives excellent relief from cold , sore throat

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