Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vallaipoo/ plantain flower stir fry

Plantain flower is good for our health especially to uterus in women. It also cures many menstrual problems.
  Although, cleaning the plantain flower is a huge process ; in the light of its benefits , all the burden will vanish.
Requirements :
Plantain flower   - 1 cup
Pearl onions      - 10nos
Green chilly     -  4 nos
For seasoning :
Oil     - 1tbs
Mustard seeds  - ½ tsp
Blackgram dhal  - ½ tsp
Bengalgram dhal – ½ tsp
Curry leaves  - few

Method   :
·      Clean and cut the plantain flowers. soak this in buttermilk to avoid darkening.

·       Heat kadai, add oil followed by seasoning, onion , green chilly and sauté for few minutes.
·      Add plantain flowers and salt.
·      Don’t add water , close the lid and cook for few minutes.
·      Before serving , add the grated coconut(optional).

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