Thursday, February 4, 2016

Banana Breakfast Sandwich #Breakfast Series

  Breakfast is the important  meal to start the day. The meal must be healthy and easy to make in a jiffy.
  This breakfast  banana sandwich will be liked by everyone and kids will like it for sure.

Requirements :

Bread slices – 4
Banana – 1 large
Honey – 2 tbs
Butter as required

Method :
 Peel and slice the banana into round slices.
 In a bread slice , arrange the banana slices about four and drizzle honey on top.
 Cover this with another bread slice.
 Apply the butter on top of the bread slice and toast in the griddle or pan.
 Repeat the same for another set of bread slices.
 Banana breakfast sandwich is ready to be served.

 Serve along with a glass of milk.

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