Thursday, August 8, 2019

South Indian Mango Pickle #Improvcooking

        I joined a new Facebook group Improv cooking from this month. Each month two ingredients will be chosen. Any dish can be prepared including those two ingredients.....
  The prepared dish has to be posted on the second Thursday of every month..... For this month August 2019 - Chile and Mango were the two ingredients......

When I saw the ingredients , I immediately decided to share this south Indian cut Mango pickle. It was a common household pickle in many south Indian homes. Though mango pickle is made throughout India , it differs from region to region.

 In most of the Indian homes , pickling was a common summer ritual. Mango is abundantly available in summer season. This pickle was no cook method of pickling . The mango and salt mixed together will be kept in sun for a week , followed by adding the masala - pickle is ready to be consumed.

Requirements :

3 Raw Mango
1 cup Sesame oil
1 tsp Mustard seeds
1 tsp Fenugreek seeds
4 tbs RedChilli Powder 
4 tbs Rock salt


 Clean and dry a large mouthed porcelain / Glass jar.
 Wash and pat dry the raw mangoes.
 Cut the mangoes into large cubes and place the mango cubes in the porcelain jar , sprinkle the salt in between the mango pieces like layering.
Place the jar in direct sunlight for a week.
Stir the mangoes in between using a wooden spoon.
The mango pieces will shrink by the time.
Dry roast the fenugreek seeds and Mustard seeds and blend it to fine powder.
Add the red chilli powder , ground fenugreek - mustard to the salted mango cubes and mix well.
Add the organic sesame oil to the mixture and mix well with an wooden spoon.
Check salt and spice level , if needed can add more.
You can keep the pickle in sun light for few more days.
South Indian Mango Pickle is ready to serve.

We usually consume this pickle with curd rice........

Note : 

 If you are not able to dry in sunlight , Just spread the cut mango pieces in a cotton cloth and dry in room temperature till the moisture went off.
Mix all the ingredients and place the jar of pickle in the refrigerator section.

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