Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Product Review - goodfud.co

        I received the samples from goodfud.co for review. Healthy snacks at your doorsteps......


    They were a company based in Chennai selling traditional sweets and savories made of millets. They have sweets and savories ranging from ladoos , muruku , thattai , cookies and cakes , most of them made with millet like finger millet , little millet , barnyard millet and so on….

   I like snacks a lot , that too home made were my favorites…….

   The samples which I received consists of the following items

Rice murukku
Rice thattai
Urad dhal ladoo
Finger millet ladoo
Little millet cookies
Finger millet cookies

  The rice ribbon  murukku was so crisp and was flavorful The ingredients used were Rice flour, Bengal gram flour, Sesame seeds,broken bengal gram, Cold-pressed Groundnut oil, Salt.

 The rice flour thatti was crisp and breakseasily. The ingredients used were Rice flour,Bengal gram flour,Brokenbengalgram,Butter,Sesameseeds,Uraddalgram,Groundnut,chillipowder, Cold-pressed Groundnut oil, Salt.

   The urad dhal ladoo made with jaggery and has the flavor of sukku and camphor. The ingredients were Urad dal,Country Sugar,Cardamom , Cashews , ghee , cucumber seeds.

 The finger millet ladoo too has the jaggery and sukku flavor , the ingredients used were Finger Millet Ragi, badam, dry grapes, sesame seeds, coconut, groundnut, jaggery (country sugar),Palm jaggery, cardamom powder.

  The little millet cookies was so soft and easy to bite. The ingredients added wereLittle millet – other names are saamai /Kutki/Sama/Chama/Same),  wheat, country sugar (jaggery),vegetable oil, milk powder ,vanilla essence, cardamom.

    The finger millet cookies were soft , with enough sweetness and is made off Finger millet – other names were Ragi /Mandua/ Ragulu/Koovarugu/Marwa, wheat, country sugar (jaggery), vegetable oil, milk powder ,vanilla essence, cardamom.

       I myself felt the snacks were healthy without any preservatives as their self life were printed on each pack and they  were only ten to fifteen days depending on the product. This confirms these were preservative free.
  I like the resealable packs as we take off the required quantity and seal it back.
   I like the bite sized cookies and ladoos as this will help in avoiding wastage.
   I tasted sukku flavor and camphor in the ladoo and cookies ,  these were good for digestion.
      To know more about their products and to order online visit them here.

Disclaimer : This is not a paid review . The thoughts were from my own experience.

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