Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Snack experts Review – Product Review


Snack Experts is an online Chennai based company selling healthy snacks. These days the awareness to have healthy snacks is increasing due to increase in the disease conditions. To protect us from the fatal diseases we have to change our eating habit as well as the food items.
In olden days , people lived healthy and their life span was more without any diseases because of their healthy eating habits as well as the food produce available.
       In this fast world , eating healthy is important , though we don’t get time to make on our own. Snack experts helps us in getting healthy snacks. Their mission was to provide safer , healthier and better snacks.

They have products divided under six sections

Sweety Retreats
Fruits Nuts Extravaganza
Fruits Fosterage
Scintillating Savories
Sassy Seeds
Flapjack Fairies…….

Under these sections I received Following five products for the review………
Chocolate Brownies
Honey Roasted Cashews
Oats and Nuts Ladoo
Original seed Flapjacks
Almond and cinnamon Flapjacks

Chocolate brownie was so delicious and soft and texture was perfect.

Honey roasted cashews has become my favorite of all the five packs I received .cashews were crunchy with the sweetness from the honey.

Oats and nuts ladoo , with the goodness of oats and assorted nuts , this ladoo  tasted good and has the crunchiness of oats and nuts.

Original seed flapjacks made of  assorted seeds  , we recognized pumpkin seeds. It was crunchy with mild sweetness.

Almond  and cinnamon flapjacks tastes great with the crunchiness from the almonds and the flavour of cinnamon.

Each snack pack has the ingredients used to make the particular snack are clearly printed.
All the snacks are packed in resealable pouches with expiry date printed on each. They also have the serving instructions. I received the packs which were 150g and it serves about five persons which was 30 gram per person.

Snackexperts claim that their snacks are totally free from margarines, chemical preservatives, shortening agents, emulsifiers, partially hydrogenated oils and refined sugars. They undergo only the basic food processing.
Free shipping within India. Currently , they are delivering for more than 12,000 places ….
Cash on delivery is available only for Standard Box (Rs.699 for one month subscription)and Smart Snacker Box    ( Rs.1799 for 3 months subscription) , which is a best option as we can pay after receiving the product. The Trial Box is charged at Rs.150 and there is no COD.

Visit their site for the view of their array of healthy snacks and to order

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