Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ghosts from Our Past – Book Review

    Ghosts from our past : both literally and figuratively: the study of the paranormal by Erin Gilbert , Abby L. Yates , Andrew Shaffer. This was the Revised Edition of the book.
   The authors shared their childhood paranormal experience in this book.


Chapter – I – Eight year old Erin’s encounter with Class IV next door.
Chapter  - II Abby’s childhood obsession towards science
Chapter III Shared experience of them as Paranormal Investigators and researchers

Chapter I – Erin’s Story

  When Erin as in elementary school her family lived in a small suburban enclave in Battle Creek , Michigan.

  There was a old lady lived next door to Erin. She was all alone in the house and won’t switch on the lights and lives in dark .

  Before Christmas , there was a huge crowd infront of her house and Erin heard that she had broken her leg and died. By the night , the author saw the lady in front of her and she spills blood and cursing. This nightmare continued every night for a whole year.

Chapter II Abby’s Story

  Once Abby was playing in the backyard after a big Thunderstorm  with her imaginary dachshund Zorp. She looked up and saw a massive rainbow in afternoon sky.
  She gone further following the rainbow into the woods. After ten minutes , the rainbow faded , she was in the woods and lost her way back.

 For three days and two nights , she and her imaginary dog stayed under large maple tree. On the third day her father found her.

 By junior school year Abby’s family moved to Battle creek . There she met Erin in the school and both started talking about Ghosts…….

Chapter III The Metaphysical Examination Society

It is human nature to fear the unknown. Both formed the club for their interest in ghost and called it as The Metaphysical Examination Society.

 Both started reading notes and discuss on paranormal activities from public libraries .

Our first Ghost Hunt :

 Two girls along with their professor from University went on their first ghost hunt. They went to a old ranch with the victorian style home . But the sadness was the professor died there because of heart attack.

Chapter IV Ghosts Throughout History

  Each culture has their own ghost stories and each has their own way in describing the appearance of ghost.

  Ancient people believed in after life especially in Egypt – Buring the person’s valuable in their pyramids.

Chapter V

 Explained about the early ghost clubs and the members active in those clubs.

  The authors explained about the various technologies available to detect the presence of ghost . They shared their real life encounter with ghosts.

 It is a great book to read for those who are interested in knowing about ghost.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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