Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tea Tasting - Tsakafi Review

  Tea being one of the common drink worldwide and  everyone’s favorite drink. In most of the homes in India , their day starts with a cup of tea / coffee.

   Tea has lot of health benefits compared to coffee. This post is a review for Tsakafi tea products which I received for reviewing.

    TsakafiTsa means Tea and Kafi means coffee. They sell tea , coffee , coffee filter , pots and infusers.

  I will be reviewing five different tea varities, which I brewed and tasted.

1.   Chamomile Tea
This was the first time I am tasting this tea. I had heard a lot about this tea. The tea itself has a nice aroma. I tasted and a nice aroma filled my mouth and the tastebuds.

2.   Mint Tea
           Mint tea is a cure for indigestion or after a heavy meal         to aid in digestion. We can see the mint leaves in the              tea. When brewed we can smell the nice aroma of the            fresh mint.

3.   Jasmine Tea
   Jasmine is my favorite of all the tea. When I looked the pack , it has the jasmine buds and petals has been added to the tea leaves to give it the scent of the jasmine. The tea has the scent of jasmine. When I tasted the tea , the jasmine smell was all around the mouth and I liked it.

4.   Nilgiris Tea
This tea is the common tea which we use in our home. It tastes similar to the tea which I have daily.

5.   Green Tea
          The tea leaves looked like a whole leaf is rolled into a small ball. When brewed it gives a nice green colour to the tea.

  All the teas I tasted where brewed and sipped without sugar and milk , to taste the exact taste and flavour. The tea tastes good and are worth for the money.

Check out their website for more products.


Disclaimer : 

 This is not a paid review and all the views are my own after tasting the product.

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