Saturday, May 14, 2016

Neer Moor / Spiced Buttermilk

     Moor / Moru as we call the buttermilk in Tamil. Buttermilk is made by blending yogurt with the water using a wooden instrument known as Mathu in olden days. There are various sizes of mathu available which can be used according to the quantity of buttermilk to be blended.

     Nowadays , my mom uses mixer to blend , in the process , the fat / Butter accumulates on top. Remove the butter and reserve for later use.

    Buttermilk is the common drink in southindia especially they used as a drink and used to mix it with rice and eat.

  This spiced buttermilk is a excellent natural coolant for this summer.

Easy way to make buttermilk – mix 2 cup of cold water to 1 cup of yogurt.

 Requirements :

3 cup buttermilk
½ inch piece of ginger
1 green chilli
2 tbs coriander leaves
salt ½ tsp

Method :

Grind ginger green chilli and coriander leaves to a fine paste.

Mix the grounded paste and salt to the buttermilk .

Serve at room temperature or chilled.

Spiced buttermilk is ready to serve.

Notes :

You can add the seasoning – Heat oil , add in mustard seeds and curry leaves , let it splutter  and add to the buttermilk.

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