Saturday, April 30, 2016

Nungu Smoothie / Ice Apple Smoothie #Summercooler

   For this month's Shhhh secretly cooking the theme was smoothie . I was paired with Annam Senthilkumar . She gave me fig and milk. I searched in the shops and the shopkeeper says it comes in a week. This happened throughout this month. 

   I was confident that I will get fig and make the smoothie. The month ended and May started. Today May 1st , Annam messaged me why I haven't posted the smoothie and asked whether I got fig or not. I replied her , I didn't get fig. She gave me another ingredient as Nungu / Ice apple.

  I immediately asked my mom to buy Nungu and made this quick smoothie.

Requirements : 

Nungu / Ice apple - 2 no

Boiled and cooled milk - 1/2 cup

Brown sugar / Nattu Sakkarai - 1 tbs

Method : 

Remove the white skin on the top of the flesh of Nungu and chop into small pieces.

Add the Nungu pieces , Brown sugar and milk to a blender and blend till smooth.

Referigerate for ten minutes and serve.


Serve by sprinkling chopped Ice apple on top.

Note : 

Cane sugar can be used . As i used brown sugar , the taste will be different and it gives a brownish colour to smoothie.

Flavouring agents like rose milk , cardamom , saffron can be used.


  1. so so creamy and tasty.. refreshing too

  2. Sharanya, thank you for introducing me to a new fruit. Never heard of ice apple. Do you think its available in Bangalore?

    1. Ask in fruit shops for Taale Hannu or Taale ningu - Kanada name of Ice apple. May be you can get in Rural side........Now is the season for ice apple , it will be available till june.......

    2. Ice apple is abundantly available in Bangalore. I did lot of recipes with ice apple.It is available roadside fruit vendor in Indra nagar.

  3. Brown sugar gave extra richness to the smoothie.