Monday, April 18, 2016

Grape Popsicle / Thraitchai Kuchi Ice

  Thraitchai is the tamil name for grapes.  Kuchi Ice as we call in tamil for popsicle , is common during summer in India. You can see many popsicle vendors selling in the streets .During my school days , Ice creams were not so popular and don't have so many varities as now. Most prefer this popsicles or icecream on a cone , that we call as cone Ice.

  I had tasted Rose Ice ,  Paal Ice and Mango Ice , other than that I didn’t had any flavor. Now , I like cone Ice and homemade popsicles.

  This grape popsicle I made last year(2015  May). I used the seedless black grapes , which my dad bought from Dindugul during his travel.

   This is a simple popsicle with only three ingredient and it was a few minutes to make this popsicles , though it takes overnight to condense.

Requirements :

3 cup fresh seedless black grapes
2tbs sugar or more

Method :
Soak the grapes without stem in a large bowl of water with ½ tsp of salt. Let it be for half an hour. Then wash the grapes twice in running tap water .

Puree the grapes along with the sugar in a blender until smooth.

If you want to strain the juice , use a strainer . I didn’t strain , I used the pulp for this popsicle.

As I don’t have popsicle mould at that time , I filled the juice in the silver cups. Paper cups can be used.
 Cover the cups with the aluminum foil and insert the popsicle stick till the half of the cup.
Keep the prepared cups in the freezer compartment and let it to condense overnight.

Enjoy the  grape popsicle.

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