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Ramayana The Game of life - Stolen Hope #Ramayana

    Ramayana The Game of Life series third book was Stolen Hope by  the author Shubha Vilas. I recieved this book from the author  ( Tulsi books ) as well as from the Indiblogger.

  This book was a continuation of the previous two series

  The rise of sun prince 
   Shattered Dreams

The book begins with storyline from the above two books.

  Stolen Hope begins with reason for the name of the Dandakaranya - the forest were the Rama , Sita and Lakshmana were residing.

    Dandakaranya was named after the ruler of the region  Danda. One day while he were hunting , he happened to saw Araja Daughter of Sukkracharya. He tried to misbehave with her that leads to the curse on the region to burn into ashes and the region becomes a forest where sages reside.

  The forest was caught in a draught and the sages living in the forest sought help in the ashram of Gautham and stayed in his ashram. After the drought goes off , Gautham didn't allow them to leave the ashram. so the sages decided to play a trick.

  They make a diseased cow to eat on the vegetable patch of the ashram . when gautham touched the cow to make it to move away, the cow fell down and died. All the sages said he made a big sin by killing a cow and they are leaving the ashram.

 Gautham understood what happened actually through his power . He cursed the forest to be filled with demons and dangerous animals. All the sages fell on their knees and asked for forgiveness.

  Gautham said that demons and dangerous animals will stay in the forest till Rama's feet touches there.This story was new and I am reading for the first time.

 There was so many new informations like Agastya role in ramayana. There were so many short stories and the trio spend two years  of their forest life. Rama talks with sita on so many things. From their talks we know so many things.

 One such story Rama told sita was about the five banyan trees stood infront of them.

  Usha , second wife of sun god left him and was on the earth. Sun god felt her absence and returned to earth to find her. When Usha saw the sun , she transformed into mare and galloped , sun transformed into horse and chased her. Five brahmin boys were witnessing the whole incident and started  to laugh on their act. Usha cursed them to be banyan tree.

 Surpanakha's husband  Vidyujita was killed accidentally by her brother Ravana in a war. I am hearing for the first time that Surpanakha was married. She was searching for her dream boy then she saw Rama. That's the beginning of the destruction of her brother Ravana , kiths and kins.

  Ravana got eighteen curses because of his behaviour towards woman . Sage Rituvarman cursed him as he him as his wife too suffered of him.

 Ten brahmin girls who were molested  by Ravana infront of their mother cursed him by pulling a hair each from their head and cursed him that his wife will molested like them by wild monkeys.

Agni and his wife svaha cursed him that his wife will be insulted infront of him by monkeys.
Sage Atri cursed him that his wife will be denuded and pulled by hair  in his helpless presence by monkeys.

 Brihaspati , guru of demigods cursed him that Rama's arrows will kill him. 

 Lord Brahma cursed him that the day he touched a woman unwilling to accept him , he would be robbed of all his powers , all his heads would be chopped off and he would die a merciless death.

  As we know the transformation of Marichan into the sinster stag , which sita wanted to own leads to her kidnap.

The book ends how Rama felt after sita's diaappearance. The book with 312 pages is a worth to read as we read and acquire new knowledge. For those who want to know the detailed Ramayana this series is a must........

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