Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to turn Good Mornings to gold morning…….#Colgate360GoldMornings

  Mornings being good and gold were what everyone wants. As the day begins good we all believe the whole day will be a great day for us.
   When we start our day with a good morning it will be sure the whole day will be good as well as gold. Gold fancies everyone. Even though there are many valuable metals and gems , the gold has a unique and highest place.

  Gold , the metal as well as the colour gives a richness and happiness to the wearer.

 Being in a country which is the largest buyer of gold , I too fancy gold. We love to get gift made of gold.

  Everyone wants their day to be gold when they wake from the bed.

Tips for converting your good  mornings to gold morning :

1.   Start your day by waking early in the morning. The golden yellowish orange rays of the early morning sun is good for our health especially eyes.
2.   Brushing the teeth twice daily makes your breath and teeth clean and fresh. Fresh breath raises your self esteem.
3.   Physical exercise and meditation for 30 minutes a day will makes you active and keeps energetic the whole day.
4.   Breakfast – the important meal of the day . as many are skipping the breakfast in the name of dieting , it is a bad idea. Breakfast – Break + Fast – breaking the fast as we won’t take food the whole night  - 12 hours approximately. The breakfast is the meal to break the fast and it is important to keep as energetic the whole day.

   Once we skip a meal we will look and feel     tired and we can’t concentrate on any of our work and we show our frustration as well as anger on others. So, don’t skip your breakfast and continue your good mornings as Gold mornings…….

5.   If activities of the day are planned ahead i.e., the day before we can carry on our work without hurry and stress.
6.   I always start the day with a prayer to god , that gives me strength as well as belief that the whole will be great for me.

About colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush #Colgate360GoldMornings

 The new product from the colgate.  This gold coloured toothbrush infused with charcoal and thin bristles . its gold colored antibacterial bristles inhibits bacterial growth on the brush for 90 days and the charcoal spiral bristles clean and remove the stains of the teeth. The tounge cleaner on the back of the bristles , so the brush itself does two jobs.

Keep smiling to turn your good mornings to gold morning……. J J J J J

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