Thursday, July 23, 2015


   I received a mail from Assam 1860 , a new tea brand launched in India to review about their tea. 

   I replied them back and few days ago I received a package of tea samples which contained one pack of loose CTC Assam tea ( 80 g ) and ten tea bags (2.5 g each).

   Being in a country, which is a second largest tea producer of world, I always start my day with a cup of black tea.

About the brand :

  James Warren Tea Limited, a company with history dating back to 1858, has launched a premium tea brand  named ‘ASSAM 1860” .

    James Warren was a retired army general and who later became an entrepreneur. He planted his first tea estate near Dibrugarh and then a few years later settled back in the United Kingdom. He gave the reigns to his 2 nephews who planted several more estates like Dhoedaam and Deamoolie. 

   Assam1860 is a newly launched black tea brand from James Warren Tea Estates.These tea estates have been looked after by generations by tea artisans, producing the best black tea in the world. All the leaves are carefully hand-picked, lightly cut and allowed to ferment before being dried. It is not handled by any middlemen or blender and hence it remains fresh and juicy. The leaves are plucked, processed and packed in the estate itself, ensuring quality and freshness that is unparalleled.
  The tea are packed in a black cover with fluorescent green letters. It was so beautiful.

   The packet of loose tea comes in a re-sealable pouch with 80 gms of ctc black tea. The resealable pack is better to retain the aroma of the tea leaves.
  I used the loose tea first and stored the tea bags for later.


   When I added about ¼ tsp of assam tea to 1 cup of boiling water , immediately the leaves started to leave the extract and I liked the aroma of the tea while its boiling.
  I added sugar to the tea and let it cool. Added ice cubes and lemon juice to have my iced tea. It was so flavorful and the taste was so good. "Freshness in every sip "


 This tea is available through their site, and delivered currently locally in India. The packing of the tea bags variant is in innovative nylon bags while they also have loose tea in different sizes in a zipper pack to ensure freshness.
  The pack says still plucking , yes it might be true as the tea has its freshness….

  Disclaimer : This is not a paid review .

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