Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kids Lunch - 3 simple Lunchbox recipes

       Lunch was a important part of everyone's meal. In early morning  we won't feel to eat heavy. Though we will have a full course meal for lunch , if there was no dieting. 

   We Asians love to have rice for our lunch. Most of the countries in the asian continent have boiled rice in their meal . I remember that  lunch box  for me and my sis anu were packed with rice recipes by our mom............
    My mom was  a working woman , eventhough she used to pack our lunchbox with rice , a vegtable based curry and a stirfry of vegetables or greens from our home garden. curd / yogurt is also included in our lunch as it is good for growing children. Moms always do good for their kids...........
  Nowadays kids are expecting more colourful or different recipes than usual. I used to make alphabet dosas for my cousin varsha during my seventh grade , as she won't eat regular round shaped dosa, if it was of different shape , she will have a bite.

    Still my sis anu's daughter is little and she has not started eating meals . we has to find out the ways to make her eat in near future.

  Here are thee three healthy lunchbox recipes which the kids may like as these are colorful and one pot meals as these are easy to make by moms with little kids.

Peas pulov / Pattani sadham / Matar Pulov
  This was a simple easy to make pulov rice with mild spices and green peas. This can be packed in lunchbox  along with onion raita and some veg stirfry.

Simple Tangy Mango Rice

  Though this rice can be made only during the season foe mangoes . As i won't like to add any preservatives to kids lunch. This is a simple and easy to make rice . The flavor and color of the rice itself make the kids to eat. This goes well with fryums or with potato stirfry.

Chutney Pulov  with Mixed Vegetables

 This rice with its vibrant green color , and the orange and green color combination by the carrot and french beans will make the kid to finish the lunch box without a grain of rice.
  Other colorful veggies can be added.

I am sending these recipes to kids lunchbox recipes happening at Indusladies.

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