Wednesday, July 22, 2009


These paratha are made with a combination of oats and wheat flour to initiate you to the taste of fibre filled oats. I have used the spring onion filling as it helps to disguise the raw taste of oats. This serves best when served hot with Paneer Lababdar.

Preparation Time : 15 mins.
Cooking Time : 20 mins.

Makes 4 parathas.
For the dough
¾ cup whole wheat flour

¼ cup quick cooking rolled oats

2 tablespoons low fat curds

salt to taste

For the spring onion filling
½ cup spring onion whites, chopped

1 cup spring onion greens, chopped

1 teaspoon cumin seeds (jeera)

1 teaspoon ginger-green chilli paste

1 teaspoon garlic, finely chopped

½ teaspoon oil

salt to taste

Other ingredients
1 teaspoon oil for cooking

For the dough

1. Combine all the ingredients and knead into a soft dough, using enough water.

2. Divide into 4 equal portions and keep aside.

For the spring onion filling

1. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan, add the cumin seeds and allow them to crackle.

2. Add the spring onion whites, ginger-green chilli paste, garlic and cook till the onions turn translucent.

3. Add the spring onion greens and salt and cook over a high flame till the mixture dries out completely. Remove and let it cool.

How to proceed

1. Roll out the one portion of the dough into a circle of 75 mm. (3") diameter.

2. Place one portion of the filling in the centre of the dough circle.

3. Bring together all the sides in the centre and seal tightly.

4. Roll out again into a circle of 125 mm. (5") diameter with the help of a little plain flour.

5. Cook the paratha on a non-stick pan, using a little oil, until both sides are golden brown.

6. Repeat with the remaining dough and filling to make 3 more paratha.

7. Serve hot.

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