Monday, September 18, 2017

My way of being Healthy

 Health is wealth as the  proverb implies our health is the greatest wealth we ever earn in our lifetime . 

  Health is defined as the state of complete physical , mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease.

 Health is not only considered by the physical health status but by the mental and social well being. Being healthy is a boon to everyone. But being healthy is a huge task in this fast and materialistic world. 

  There were pollutions like air pollution and water pollution everywhere which were the main cause for the detoriation of our health. Be the food we eat were polluted with pesticides. 

 If we look back our ancestors they lived a happy and healthy lifestyle and the disease condition present nowadays were unknown in those days. We can say that the food they ate were pesticide free and were usually grown from their land . They did a lot of physical work. 

  Nowadays due to technology development many new equipments had came to reduce our physical work . Most people want to be in a air conditioned room and munching on junk foods . Are these the healthy life style we are following ........

 The less or no  physical activity and  unhealthy food leads to Obesity which in turn leads to heart diseases and even stroke and paralysis.....

Even though we read lot and lot about the adverse effects of our modern lifestyle we were in in a state to change.

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Still we can change ourself for our better future as well as to be a role model for our future generation.....

The ways I think of following are :

* Try to do household works physically without any mechanical aid.

* Try to do exercise or yoga atleast 20 minutes a day for five days in  a week. It could include aerobics , running or swimming.

* Try to take on stairs instead of Lift or escalators.

* Go by walk to buy groceries or vegetables in nearby shops. 
* Try to eat more organic food that too grown locally. Take vegetables and fruits grown in your locality or grown your own vegetables and fruits. If we buy vegetables or fruits which are not grown in our surrounding there will be preservatives in them to protect them from rottening.

* Eat more whole grains like millets , unpolished rice and wholewheat flour. Avoid Maida and polished rice. 

* Try to include raw vegtables as salads atleast a bowl a day.
* Eat like a king in the morning , like a general for lunch and like a beggar for dinner. We can eat till our hearts content or full stomach in morning and half stomach full for lunch and quater stomach full for dinner. Many of us skip breakfast thinking it will help in weight reduction. It is wrong , what we eat in morning provides our 
body energy for whole day and keeps us energetic......

* Avoid white sugar and try to take palm sugar or brown sugar as these are made without any chemical processing . Try to buy these sugars from farmers who are making it organically. 

* Try to avoid fried food fully or to take once in a month, as we Indians prefer fried food more.  Use Saffola Heart healthy oil for your fried foods.As we get airfryers now , which gives the same taste as frying in oil without a drop of oil.

* Always keep a smile in your face . Laughter is the gretest medicine in the world. As we laugh , the good hormone seratonin will secrete more in our body and reduces the stress.

* Drink plenty of water atleast three litre a day. 

* Try to include whole fruit in your diet instead of juices or hydrogenated drinks.

* Take a handful of nuts like groundnut , cashew , almond ,pista etc as they are rich in HDL .

* Sleep atleast eight hours a day. Insomnia is a common problem in many of the younger generations these days. Try to avoid using electronics gadgets till late night. 

 Eat well + sleep well + 
    laugh a lot                     =  Happy healthy Life

 I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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