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Clean Air Beautiful Homes #Royaleatmos

   Home is the place where we spend  most of our  time and a most enjoyable place for all of us, be it a small house  or a huge villa . We spend upto our efficiency to build and decorate our home to live happily. 

    Pollution is the major cause of deadly diseases like cancer and increased death in India. Pollution is defined as the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects. Air pollution is the dangerous of all followed by water pollution. India being the second largest country in the world and is heavily polluted. 

  As the awareness for the pollution control are high now and many people are actively participating in the pollution control programmes. 

  We can use mask while going outside to protect us from air pollution but what will we do if the air inside our home is polluted.

  In the olden days , people live in mud houses and use lime stone for painting walls and cow dung to mop the floor . These has the properties to fight against poisonous foreign bodies. The older generation lived a healthy life even though 

 As urbanisation has bring on so many developments , present generation won't live on mud houses or use cow dung for floor cleaning. Though we can try to make our living environment as clean as possible.

Causes of pollution Indoors :

The Environmental agency found that  the indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air. As we are living in concrete jungles we opt to be in air conditioned rooms and most of the homes are centralised air conditioned . 

  1. Though we want to live in a  sophisticated manner , but using air conditioner for a long period is not good . The hazards are skin dryness , respiratory problem due to airborne dust and fungi.

2. If the carpets  and mats in the air condtioned room are uncleaned for a long time , fungi and mould will be a common inhabitant in them. 

 3.The mattress we use , even though they were costly , there will be dust particles which falls out from them . 

4. Chemicals we use like insect repellents especially for cockroach , mosquitoes and the liquids used for floor cleaning and toilet cleaning....

 5. The products we use for our daily pooja  like camphor and incense sticks are mostly made of chemicals though in olden days these were made organically . The smoke from the incense sticks causes cough and other respiratory problems.

  6. Gas stoves emits   more nitogen dioxide  when fuel is burned at high temperatures. Nitrogen dioxide mixes with air to create nitric acid and toxic nitrates  leading to lung irritation and lower infection resistant.  

7. Paints in our home walls are more toxic. If the lead paint is used , it is a highly neurotoxin and can  lead to death. Paints release VOC ( volatile organic Compounds ) like toluene , bromine , benzene , formaldehyde , ethyl Benzene , styrene and acetone.  

8. Another major problem indoor as well as outdoor is the cigarette 
smokers. Passive smokers ,  those who are inhaling the smoke let out by the active smokers are affected more than the smoker himself.  If the elder person of the family smokes in the living room , no other member has guts to talk to him about the issue. Though the government has put ban on smoking in public area , but none follows them. 

9. Pets - Everyone loves pets like dog and cats  but keeping them indoor and allowing them to roam throughout the house is dangerous. The hair from their body falls on the floor , even though we clean there will be some left out. These leads to respiratory problems. 

10. Use of Asbestos sheets in home leads to a lung condition called asbestosis. Nowadays use of asbestos sheets are limited. 
How to Reduce Indoor Pollution : 

 *Service and clean the air condtioners regularly and keep the room ventilated with the fresh air by opening the windows when the air conditioner is not in use. 

* Dust and vaccum the mattress, pillows and carpets frequently and dry them in sunlight to avoid growth of fungi. 
* Avoid chlorine bleach and use less toxic cleaners. Better to use organic cleaners made of  citrus fruits .

* Try to use camphor and incense sticks made with less chemicals or chemical free.

* Kitchen should be ventillated well and fit proper chimney equipments.Avoid using high flame while cooking , this prevents pollution as well as our money by reducing the gas usage .

*Low VOC or Zero VOC paints are good for both interior and exterior. 
* Active smoker must think he smokes for his own pleasure as  it won't be good for his family members and should avoid smoking.

* Better to keep pets outdoors in their own kettle .
* Avoid using asbestos sheets.
*Keep the windows open in the day time to keep the home well ventilated .

* Plant trees and plants around the house . Keep the indoor plants like snake plants and money plants which are found to be releasing high oxygen levels. 

Royale Atmos - A Paint that helps purify air 

 Check for more details here

Royale Atmos is a first of its kind paint that not only looks beautiful, but also cleans the air making it purer than before. It’s Activated Carbon technology reduces harmful pollutants from the air. Additionally, Royale Atmos also absorbs select household foul smells to make the air fresher.
Royale Atmos is the first Asian Paints product to have a fragrance, instead of the normal chemical smell of paints.

reduces indoor pollutant

reduces indoor pollutant

Royale Atmos reduces formaldehyde, a dangerous indoor pollutant.
absorbs malodours

absorbs malodours

Royale Atmos absorbs select household foul smells, thereby improving air quality within the home.
releases fragrance

releases fragrance

Royale Atmos is our only paint that comes with a fragrance. You no longer have to worry about the chemical smell of paints.
activated carbon technology

activated carbon technology

Activated Carbon is the revolutionary technology that powers Royale Atmos and helps it in purifying indoor air. 

Royale Atmos is developed by the finest scientists at Asian Paints to specifically reduce the pollutant formaldehyde.  It has undergone rigorous testing by a third party on this pollutant reduction capability.Royale Atmos was tested internally and at a third party lab for its ability to neutralize the indoor air pollutant formaldehyde. It reduced formaldehyde levels by 80-85% in 24 hours under standard test conditions. For the third party test certificate and the testing process, please visit
Royale Atmos will continue to reduce formaldehyde for up to 2 years post application.

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