Monday, October 24, 2016

Bhrigu Mahesh , PhD - Book Review

      The review is about the book Bhrigu Mahesh , PhD - The Witch of Senduwar by Nisha Singh .

About the author :

 Nisha Singh was a crime fiction enthusiast who has written short stories for National print magazine  and has contributed to a variety of online publications.

About the story :

     In the idyllic village of Senduwar , fortune seems to smile on its poor residents , pieces of lost treasure accumulating on abandoned floodplain haunted by angry witch. Story follows with the involvement of the title character Bhirugu Mahesh .

       Bhirugu has moved into Patna to complete his studies. He worked in a K.P.O as a part timer in night shift and goes to college in morning. He finished bachelor degree in psychology from Hindu College. After the graduation , he sat for police exam and got cleared at his first attempt.

  He even got published in a leading English Newspaper for solving a sensational case as a cop with his first month of  the duty. The news says one visit from this officer was enough to bring about this result and without use of any force.

      Bhirugu found based on his experience and detailed research . A- TYPE, constitutes of first time offenders commiting a crime in the grip of a very strong emotion or misunderstanding. B-TYPE is of the first and second time offenders who commit a felony either for their profit or due  to strong , prejudicial beliefs. C-TYPE comprises hardened criminals who survive and thrive by extorting , exploiting and killing.

 Bhrigu's few high profile sucesses had made him a sort of celebrity in detective circles.

  Bhrigu visits his homeland , Senduwar , in Rohtas District of Bihar. A woman named Jayanti Devi approached him and said that her son Malthu died five years ago , but it was not natural or accident. She wants Bhrigu to find the mystery behind it..........

   She said her boy died because of a dead witch Jiyadevi and the tale behind her.

     Bhrigu's investigation starts................

 To know what happened next ....... Read the book.

 A thriller novel perfect for thrill loving people.............

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