Saturday, March 12, 2016

Share the memories #MEMORIESFORLIFE

  Memories are the treasures we carry throughout our life . Be a good / bad situation , person etc., we all holds it to our heart.

  Memories are true treasures , we can talk about it with our loved ones . I am here to share the memories of my mom . My mom being the working for state government was a role model for me and my sister. In her busy schedule she takes care of us and home .

   She taught us each and every thing how we has to face this fast changing world . She was the inspiration for me to start the food blog. We like her cooking style. On her holidays , she prepares new dishes for us , which she read in books , watch in TV shows.

    She helps others without hesitation with money , food or physical help. She helps even the enemy , when they ask for help.

  I am here to share my memory how my mom helped in taking pictures of making of the sakkarai pongal . We made it for pongal festival every year . Photo shoot of step by step photos of making of sakkarai pongal is always green in my memory. Check the pictures here.... My mom helps me in cooking and gives suggestion for taking pictures.

  Another memory during our school days we were living in our hometown . As my mom's  workplace  was  far away from our home . She reaches home by 6:30 pm or sometimes 7 Pm . She travels by bus , she lost her purse along with the money and the house key. As our father was out of town. Mom came home late as we can't open the door . We has to break the lock and open the door to get inside the door. This happened twice and those were the scary memories.

 We had both good and scary memories but the good and pleasant memories win over all.

Mothers are gift send by god to earth to take care of their loved ones .

check my scrapbook I created for my mom  here.....

Share your #MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda for HDFC Life.”

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